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Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing

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Personable, Legislatively Compliant, and Cost-Efficient

Whether your business operates from a single premise, or forms part of a national/international framework, using video conferencing makes communications between clients and personnel located a distance from your building more personable and more productive as well as reducing operational costs.

However, transparency of this activity is an essential element to legislative compliance – particularly with MiFID ii.

Lifesize’s cloud platform ensures your business can fully address this core element through its recording, encrypting, and secure storage of video conference activity. This facility also supports your business from an operational perspective, addressing FSA regulations as well as data security from a GDPR perspective.

Eight Challenges Solved by Cloud Video Conferencing Whitepaper from Lifesize

Secure, Simple to Integrate, Easy to Deploy

Traditionally, deploying video conferencing has meant a lot of work for the IT department, and in many cases, a dedicated resource to support the environment 24/7. With Lifesize’s cloud video conferencing, all of that goes away. Their experts will help you manage your video environment in the cloud, so very little is needed from your on-site support team. You can still have high-quality video calls without all of the effort of managing a server-side video environment.

Q&A with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales from Lifesize

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