Rethinking conference rooms for social distancing

Set your conference rooms up for success in a post-pandemic world

GoToRoom now has more options, with something to fit any room, from huddle rooms to boardrooms, allowing you to adapt to the space and allow for social distancing measures. With GoToRoom, gone are the days where you’re all huddled around one conference room speaker to make sure everyone can hear.

As we start to look at our return to our normal working routine, we’re starting to question the role of the office in our new world. With remote working set to be part of the new normal, does your office environment support this?

When working remotely, you need to feel like you are still a part of the office. GoToRoom is the answer to modern meeting rooms of all sizes, allowing your teams to meet quickly and make everyone feel connected, wherever they are.

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Whether you’re looking for social distanced meeting spaces or to meet with your colleagues working remotely, we’ve got a solution for you.

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