Modernise your meeting room

Make every meeting count!

An effective meeting experience that allows your staff to collaborate, regardless of where they are located.

HD video conferencing for everyone

Whether you are office-based, in a meeting room or a remote worker, we have a video conferencing solution for you. Bring your teams together for an effective face-to-face meeting, regardless of location.

Ask about our boardroom, immersive, desktop and mobile video conferencing solutions.

Book a room the easy way!

Simplify the room booking experience with elegantly designed scheduling panels that connect directly to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar.

Easy to use vibrant touchscreens and bright red and green LEDs making it easy to see if a room is occupied or available even from down the hall.

No middleware, no licencing fees, no recurring fees

Interactive screens speed up projects and decision-making

Enhance every meeting and unify team collaboration regardless of whether attendees are in a meeting room, at their desk or working remotely.

Swap your collective sticky-note wall, flip charts and paper sketches for a collaborative interactive digital solution to speed up processes and decision making. Annotate with ease, and as everything happens in the cloud in real-time, no need to save your content, just close the canvas and go pick it up where it was left.

Trouble-free presenting

Wireless presenting makes it simple to share your laptop or mobile device on a main presentation screen. No hassle, no cables, it’s just quick and effortless.

Make it remarkably simple for your staff to deliver confident presentations by eliminating the stressful pre-presentation set-up connecting cables, switching presentation modes and requesting assistance from IT support.

We’ve got some great offers* making this the perfect time to modernise your meeting room and empower your staff to deliver confident presentations

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