Lifesize integrations with Microsoft

Microsoft Teams, Outlook and conference room calendar integrations

Lifesize integrations with Microsoft are perfect for enterprises that use Microsoft tools for their email, calendar and real-time communication solutions. With this Microsoft integration, Lifesize adds best-in-class audio and video quality and advanced communication and collaboration technologies to existing Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook workflows.

Lifesize and Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly integrate Lifesize solutions in conjunction with your Microsoft Teams environment and deliver superior video and audio quality for every meeting. Leverage Lifesize room systems to effortlessly switch between Microsoft Teams meetings and alternative services or launch directly into Lifesize video calls from Teams’ chat and channels using the Lifesize for Teams application.

Easy scheduling

Schedule and join Lifesize meetings easily from the Microsoft Teams app

Conference room teams

Invite Lifesize conference rooms to your meetings to support larger groups

Chat to video

Use chat commands to instantly initiate a Lifesize call and connect over video

Flexible deployment

Enable Lifesize for specific Teams or globally across all Teams

Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Like most Microsoft Outlook users, you probably spend most of the day with your Outlook client open managing tasks, sending emails and keeping track of your daily meeting schedule. With the Lifesize Outlook Add-in for Windows, we can help you schedule and make Lifesize video calls directly from within Outlook.

Integrated scheduling

Schedule Lifesize meetings without leaving your Microsoft Outlook client

Easy guest invites

Send unlimited video meeting invites to guests, customers or anyone else outside of your network

Click to call

Navigate your Lifesize directory and make calls directly from within Outlook

Automatic updates

Receive automatic updates with the latest and greatest enhancements

Lifesize Calendar integrations for Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange

Lifesize Icon video conference systems can be added as bookable resources to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange calendars and configured to prompt meeting attendees to join their meeting with a single touch as soon as they walk in the room.

Room reservations

Create reservable rooms with Lifesize conference room systems

Easy scheduling

Schedule meetings direct from your Office365 or Microsoft Exchange calendar

Automatic meeting prompts

Start meetings on time every time with automated prompts

Room availability report

Check room availability direct from the Lifesize Phone HD

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