Advantages of Video Conferencing and Digital Signage in Banking and Finance

Video Conferencing and Digital Signage in Banking and Finance

The financial industry is ever-changing. As it’s an industry that’s influenced by social, economical and political factors, organisations operating in the financial sector are always liable to transformation. Keeping on top of these changes and maintaining a steady work pace is challenging, especially with the on-going pressure of having to respond to these constant fluctuations in the market. This is where video conferencing and digital signage in banking and finance comes in: as a way of maintaining momentum in the face of constant challenges that arise in the bustling financial sector and giving financial businesses a chance to remain stable in the face of uncertain external factors.

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Exceed Your Client’s Customer Service Expectations

Video conferencing helps financial organisations maintain contact wherever they’re operating from which gives them a competitive advantage. Organisations that offer video conferencing communication with their clients stand out amongst the various different competitors in finance as they’re offering a level of customer service that not all other businesses seek to provide, helping them exceed client expectations and go the extra mile. Even if advisors are situated remotely, they’ll still be able to offer a face-to-face service to customers, giving them the assurance they need.

The Ability To Address Industry Changes Quickly

Video conferencing is an advisable investment as it provides workers and financial consultants with the ability to work much more efficiently. Through the innovation of video conferencing technology, clients can be kept in the loop easily, financial decisions can be made quickly and changes in the market can be addressed as they happen. If major announcements are made that impact business procedure, video conferencing will allow workers to react and discuss these changes instantaneously so they don’t get left behind in the changing business climate.

Solution for MiFID II Communications Compliance (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive)

Read how a range of native Skype for Business meeting room systems enables financial organisations to achieve MiFID II compliance here

Finding the Right Video Conferencing Solution for Your Business

As specialists in video conferencing, we can provide and install the very best products from all market leading brands including Avaya, Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom and StarLeaf. All of their systems have maximum security settings and capable of all firewall traversal indicated from some of our existing NHS, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence and banking and finance customers. We can offer scheduled meeting facilities, quick meet, virtual meeting rooms, standard end point to end point as well as interoperability with Skype for Business.

Digital Signage For a Consistent Professional Image

When it comes to attracting new clients, digital signage is way ahead of the game. Not only are they impressive to look at, they convey all the relevant information to sell your business favourably and maintain that consistent, professional brand image that you need to inspire trust in your prospective new customers. In order to remain competitive, businesses need to be taking advantage of the latest technology and digital signage is one innovation that’s taking the business world by storm.

Digital signage has a number of features that banks in particular can also capitalise on. It enables banks to advertise any deals or special offers they might have in an eye-catching, attractive and engaging way for their customers, increasing interest in branch promotions, loans and investments. Any relevant information will be displayed in a digital format that looks modern and innovative, boosting the appeal of your advertising campaigns because information that might be perceived as boring or confusing can be conveyed with stunning infographics and graphic design. Content on the signs can easily be updated as things change; giving banks much more flexibility with their campaigns.

The right technology can improve efficiency, productivity and the overall running of the business. We’ve got years of experience helping organisations in the financial sector transform the way they do business with our video conferencing and digital signage services. Our solutions are designed to meet your unique requirements so get in touch with us to discuss your objectives and we’ll make sure our technology helps you attain them.

Audio Visual Solutions

As audio visual specialists we can also assist in whole room(s) solutions, including lighting and audio control, room scheduling systems and wireless presenting. The Barco ClickShare wireless presenting system allows any meeting participant to share content on the central meeting room screen at the touch of a button. There are no messy cables or complicated connections to contend with.


We are able to provide a nationwide a nationwide service from initial site survey through to product demonstrations and installations. We utilise our very own experts in our fields such as pre-sales engineers, fully accredited team of installation engineers, project delivery and industry skilled technical support teams. We offer preventative maintenance visits to ensure the equipment is regularly serviced and maintained offering total peace of mind.