5 ways to improve your video conferencing experience

Video conferencing is becoming more popular than ever. A proven means of hosting effective and productive meetings that allow everyone to be part of the conversation, whether they are located in an office, an airport or hotel.  Delivering true working agility, participants can join the call from a meeting room, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

But like any technology, the human element and environment can affect the success and effectiveness of the virtual meeting. We’ve put together our 5 best practice tips to ensure video conferencing meetings are delivered to perfection.

Five best practice tips for video conferencing perfection:

1. Use a headset

It’s great that you can meet through video at any time from any place, but sometimes distractions can get in the way. Using video for meetings in a busy or noisy environment? Then use a headset. Yes your laptop has a built-in microphone, but it doesn’t cancel out background noise so ensure you use a noise cancelling headset to supress any background noise for clear and effective meetings.

2. Mute yourself when you are not speaking

If you are in a loud environment and don’t have access to a headset, best practice is to mute yourself when you are not speaking – especially if you are on a call with more than two participants. This will significantly reduce background noise for everyone on the call.

3. Think about your backdrop

It’s great to work with natural light in your office but try to avoid joining a video conferencing call with a window directly behind you as it can create a harsh silhouette effect. Close window blinds or curtains to improve the visual experience or alternatively relocate to a different area within the office.

4. Meeting etiquette

Just because you are meeting via video doesn’t mean you should omit to say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ to participants as you enter or leave the virtual meeting space, you should treat a video conference call the same as face to face meetings.

5. The human element

Video conferencing is just 1 more way to communicate, just like a face-to-face meetings, team briefing sessions or stakeholder meetings, it’s an integral part of your working day. Use the technology to provide working agility and focus on your meetings not how you look on camera!

Looking to adopt video conferencing within your organisation?