How Interactive Displays Are Transforming The Way We Work

Interactive Displays Transforming Work

Technology is designed to facilitate our lives and make our daily tasks easier, as well as better. There’s a whole host of technology we can tap into that supports collaborative working and dramatically enhances the way we work. Businesses all over the world should be taking advantage of the technology available in the market but they might not be aware of what advanced audio visual devices are available. Interactive displays are transforming work, as one of the most technologically advanced audio visual devices available.

Teamwork is one of the most important elements of day-to-day business operation. It’s often the case that when employees work together successfully, businesses really see a spike in productivity and efficiency: driving business success through coming together and fusing everybody’s creative ideas.

1. Ideal for Training Rooms, Training Centres & Meeting Rooms

Interactive displays can be easily installed in any kind of meeting room and training facility you have in your office building. When installed, they become a key element of working together as they enable individuals to present information clearly to the group and can be used to support/supplement whatever information speakers are delivering. Participants can contribute by using the pens available and mark up details on the screen, providing a true interactive experience.

2. Easily Accessible From Anywhere

For businesses who are dependent on connectivity, interactive displays are an advisable investment. Anyone can link up their phone, tablet or device with the interactive displays in the meeting rooms. This means that even if employees are working remotely, they’ll still be kept in the loop and can amend, highlight and write their comments on the display.

3. Features That Support Teamwork

Interactive displays, which are available in several sizes, are impressive pieces of audio visual technology and are equipped with stunning HD screens, speakers and cameras. Not only do they look great and contribute towards maintaining a professional image, they have a number of other features that support collaboration. Individuals can participate in the meeting whilst on the move through an innovative, easy to use app via a pen or their fingers. When people write on the board, all who are connected can see the same display and are able to erase, contribute and edit as they please. All creative ideas and work can be saved on any kind of technological device and can be picked up wherever you left off.

4. Skype for Business

With Skype for Business available through some of the interactive displays, colleagues can be contacted from the interactive touch display directly to their desktop. With the use of a camera and microphone they can be connected via video conference allowing a native huddle meeting room solution.

Interactive displays are designed to improve the teamwork of your employees and are one of the smartest devices the business world can take advantage of. We are proud suppliers and installers of SMART, Avocor, Clevertouch, Samsung eBoard, NEC Infinity Board and Microsoft Surface Hub to name a few.

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