Support Update: New IP Range

Videonations Support announces changes to the IP address range as currently supported by the Videonations hosted Video Conferencing services. From 10th August 2015, The following Videonations hosted service will be migrating to a new IP address service....
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Security in Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Over the past 5 years or so we have seen video conferencing solutions progress from peripheral corporate technology to mission-critical business applications. The richness of communication available through face-to-face high-definition video conferencing does more than just save money on travel time...
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Video Conferencing and Security – Software or Hardware?

Video conferencing involves transferring highly sensitive data across networks. Anyone who wants to share their information must be able to do so whilst under the impression everything they show and send is kept safe. Hackers regularly target corporate networks with the intention of stealing company secrets […]...
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