Remote Working

Video Conferencing Can Keep Construction Sites Working

Stay connected to site works with video conferencing Construction businesses and architects are under continual pressure to ensure projects are completed on-time and within budget. Therefore regular communication between all parties involved throughout the completion schedule is essential. This is where video conferencing can keep construction […]...
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7 Tips On How To Plan The Perfect Meeting

There are many types of meetings. There are those that seem like they will never end, those in which your mind (and everyone else’s) wanders, and those which seem to bear no relevance to what you do. These are, of course, not shining examples of the perfect […]...
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The Advances in Video Conferencing

The video conferencing market is now very mature. The technology is now available to have high quality A/V communication over distance; and at a price point that makes it a viable option for both SMEs and large businesses....
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