Projection Systems

The Types of Projection Systems in Today’s Lecture Theatres

Over the years, the technology used in typical university environments has changed a great deal. One of the biggest evolutions has been in the quality of projections systems used in lecture theatres. Many, if not most, universities have dropped the older projection setups in favour of […]...
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How AV Technology Is Enhancing The Sports Environment

The world of sport has changed beyond recognition from a decade or two ago. It is difficult to believe that just over 10 years ago Rugby Union was an amateur sport. When you look at sport today it is an entertainment extravaganza, and more and more […]...
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Barco ClickShare: Making Conference Collaboration Wireless

Collaboration has changed over the last decade. In conference rooms more people are collaborating to ensure that the right outcome is reached. The days of a single presenter preaching to the room are on their way out. Here are the days of engagement, of screen sharing, […]...
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