Video Conferencing Can Keep Construction Sites Working

Stay connected to site works with video conferencing Construction businesses and architects are under continual pressure to ensure projects are completed on-time and within budget. Therefore regular communication between all parties involved throughout the completion schedule is essential. This is where video conferencing can keep construction […]...
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How Video Conferencing Is Delivering an Eco-Friendly Future

A decade or so ago, the term ‘eco-friendly’ was seen as something for the future; a buzzword that that was talked about quite a lot but meant little in practice. Today, that has changed, as more people and businesses have consciously implemented changes to ensure they […]...
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How Technology Is Changing The Business Landscape

New technologies have changed the face of manufacturing, and business more broadly over the last decade. Unrecognisable from markets of old, today there are entire industries built around green technologies, green manufacturing, and more efficient and environmentally-friendly ways of doing things, and this will only continue […]...
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