Interactive Whiteboards

How Interactive Displays Are Transforming The Way We Work

Interactive Displays Transforming Work Technology is designed to facilitate our lives and make our daily tasks easier, as well as better. There’s a whole host of technology we can tap into that supports collaborative working and dramatically enhances the way we work. Businesses all over the […]...
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Utilising Interactive Boards For Business Conferences

Take the concept of a traditional blackboard, add a microchip and what do you get? An interactive board, that’s what. Offering far more than your average black- (or white) board, the interactive whiteboard of today can be used in a range of scenarios....
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Interactive Whiteboards vs. Traditional Blackboards in Education

Interactive whiteboards are gradually replacing traditional blackboards and whiteboards in classrooms all across the world; the UK and Ireland are not exceptions to this trend. More teachers have dropped the chalk to teach with a mouse, stylus, and a swipe of their index finger (on touch […]...
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