Business Continuity

How Video Conferencing is Driving Growth in Architectural Firms

Over the last decade business technology has progressed rapidly. Previously pioneering, immature tech has now given way to established, impressive solutions that transform the way businesses operate. Video conferencing technology is used in a plethora of business sectors in order to facilitate improved collaboration, and reduce […]...
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How Video Conferencing Is Delivering an Eco-Friendly Future

A decade or so ago, the term ‘eco-friendly’ was seen as something for the future; a buzzword that that was talked about quite a lot but meant little in practice. Today, that has changed, as more people and businesses have consciously implemented changes to ensure they […]...
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How News Outlets Are Using Video Conferencing

Most of us from generation X, and early generation Y, will remember the pioneering days of wartime correspondent reports from the Gulf War; Kate Adie and others perched on rooftops delivering shaky satellite video reports, while scud missiles struck buildings, sometimes perilously close by....
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