Why does your business need video conferencing?

We live in a connected world. The ability to communicate fully and openly with suppliers, partners, and staff, regardless of where in the world they are allows your business to maintain its status and become more successful in a 24/7 world.

With Videonations’ high quality video conferencing solutions, you can build stronger relationships with those around you, helping your company succeed. Here are three reasons why you should choose video conferencing for your business.

Video Conferencing for Productivity

With many businesses having multiple offices across the UK or internationally, there is a need to communicate quickly and efficiently. Researcher James Borg has said that 93% of communication is through body language, while only 7% is through verbal communication. This means that when communicating via phone or email, there is vital information being left out. This can translate into mixed messages and missed opportunities.

Video conferencing effectively side-steps these issues, allowing you to discuss your plans and strategies openly and effectively, with a clear digital picture capturing the nuances of your conversations, no matter how far apart your offices may be.

Video Conferencing to save on Travel

The cost of travel is increasing each year, with increasingly expensive train fares, the rising cost of fuel, and the expense of flying becoming prohibitive to SMEs. Trying to communicate with people via email, phone calls, and instant messages to save on travel costs and the environment can lead to miscommunication or even no communication. Video conferencing allows you to talk to vital people without having to leave the office.

Business often requires people to be in many places at once. With high-quality video conferencing solutions from Videonations, you can achieve the impossible, communicating with people around the world at the touch of a button.

In addition, with many people choosing to work remotely, you can effectively and instantly communicate with workers and freelancers without them having to come to the office.

Video Conferencing for Improved Relationships with Employees, Clients, and Customers

Having a company-wide meeting where everyone can participate will allow people who work at your company to feel involved in business processes and closer to central office. You can communicate with suppliers in China, customers in Scotland, and offices along the motorway in crystal-clear HD quality, bringing together all disparate aspects of your business.

1 Borg, James. Body Language: 7 Easy Lessons to Master the Silent Language. FT Press, 2010