Videonations Adds Barco ClickShare to Their Offerings

Barco certified Gold partner, Videonations Ltd, have now added wireless presentation and collaboration solution, Barco ClickShare, to their offerings.

There’s nothing more frustrating than entering a meeting room for a presentation and having to find the right cable that connects your laptop to the presentation system. When your laptop is finally connected you then face the next challenge; a stretched or squashed image of your laptop screen. Problems with aspect ratio are very common and can cause uneccessary stress during those final moments leading up to your presentation.

Barco’s ClickShare makes connecting to a meeting room’s presentation system as simple as clicking a button. Not only is it simple for the presenter to connect but it’s just as easy for meeting participants to connect and particpate more actively.

Barco ClickShare Video

How does ClickShare work?

A typical ClickShare set-up includes four USB-powered ClickShare buttons, a ClickShare Tray to hold the buttons when they are not in use, and finally a Base Unit. Having a fixed connection to the room’s presentation or video system, the Base Unit manages all the neccessary processing. For participants who want to take part in the presentation and share their screen they can simply plug a ClickShare Button into their laptop, start the application, click the ClickShare Button and instantly their screen is wirelessly transferred to the presentation system. To avoid any aspect ratio challenges ClickShare does not interfere a laptop’s resolution, and automatically displays the screen in it’s optimal resolution.

ClickShare allows up to to four participants to share their screen simultaneously.

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