Video conferencing most useful tool in oil and gas arena

A global survey conducted for Microsoft Corp by Ipsos has found the need for social tools in the workplace is continuing to rise. The survey taken by nearly ten thousand workers across thirty two countries show’s workers are even prepared to spend their own cash to use new social technology.

The survey highlighted those in the oil and gas sector are encouraged to use team sites and video conferencing more so than in other industries. As a result oil and gas workers found video conferencing more useful than any other sector.

More than 30% of the companies surveyed underestimate the value of social tools and tend to restrict their use, which has led to employees being afraid to use social tools at work. Nearly 40% of employees feel there’s not enough teamwork in their workplaces and social tools in-fact drive collaboration.

Even so, the number of employees bringing their own device into the workplace is continually rising, as is the use of services which businesses are yet to adopt. Employees want to work and interact using more modern and connected technology as they do in their social lives.

The research also found notable differences between countries, sectors and genders as they relate to the levels of productivity, collaboration and communication tools used in today’s workplace.