Video Conferencing for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a complex web of designers, engineers, suppliers of raw materials and parts, factories, and logistics, often stretching around the globe. This challenging field has complex and diverse needs, with communication a vital link in the chain that holds the operation together.

Video conferencing solutions for the manufacturing industry from Videonations allow your business to reach new levels of peak performance through more effective communications strategies and streamlined processes. Teams can come together more often to collaborate on projects, without the need for expensive travel or slower production times. Video can be used to improve many aspects of the manufacturing process.

Improved Research and Development

Through open collaboration and discussion utilising video conferencing solutions, R&D can be streamlined, maximising creative output through face-to-face communication. With video conferencing giving people the ability to demonstrate products, discuss changes needed, and bringing together high quality teams with expert opinion from anywhere in the world, time-to-market can be accelerated.

Supply Chain Management

Managing your supply chain with video conferencing solutions can improve upstream and downstream operations through more effective communications. Global teams can co-operate to streamline processes, reducing time-to-market cycles and creating stronger relationships between suppliers and manufacturers through more open face-to-face communications.

Operational Efficiency

Video can be used to improve product quality, bring together experts for collaboration and troubleshooting, allowing manufacturing operations to identify areas which can be improved, diagnose issues and repair fractious situations with the supply chain or processing quickly, saving time, money and reducing error margins significantly.

Employee Training

One of the challenges facing the manufacturing industry is employee retention, with high staff turnover due to long hours and shift work. Creating a culture that aids with employee retention through training opportunities can be achieved through video conferencing.

Through creating training opportunities, staff morale remains high and employee retention is achieved.

Training videos can be created and played with an expert on hand to discuss questions which may arise, or interactive elements added to help with learning outcomes, regardless of geographical location.

Customer Interaction

Improving communications within a company will mean better quality assurances for people using your products, ensuring more loyal and satisfied customers. Through face-to-face interactions, the development cycle can be improved with minimum risk of misunderstanding or the need to recreate items due to error.

Manufacturers can also offer higher standard service level agreements (SLA) to their customers, with the ability for the customer to be more involved in the process.

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