Video Conferencing for the Legal Sector

The legal landscape is rapidly changing. Changes to legislation are affecting the legal sector, forcing cuts to services on top of the economic pressures of the age. Law firms are facing an expansive range of operational, financial and strategic issues.

There are issues facing the sector relating to:

Communication Issues

Continuous communications are a necessity, whether by email, phone or using collaboration tools such as HD video conferencing. Moreover, with many people in the sector travelling for work or taking devices containing sensitive materials out of the office, maintaining secure communication is essential.


Data security and compliance with SRA regulations are essential to the running of a successful law firm, including security around telephony, email and video conferencing.

Emerging Technological Trends

Despite initial resistance due to worries around security and data governance, there is a surge of use in newer technological devices and software for the legal sector. With private cloud infrastructure and video conferencing ensuring data security and drastically reduced costs against a backdrop of economic woes, law firms are increasingly looking at IT solutions to aid their business.

Communication is an integral element to the legal sector: solicitors need to communicate with their clients and experts quickly and effectively.

Video conferencing hardware solutions allow firms to meet the challenges that they face head on, helping them to communicate with geographically dispersed clients and to speak to appropriate experts face-to-face, ensuring that their clients are receiving the best advice, reducing the expenses of travel.

Clients can have regular remote communications with their firm, for their peace of mind and to increase billable hours. This also means that solicitors can have larger case-loads, seeing more clients per day through remote conferencing.

With larger firms having a number of offices spread around the country, the use of video conferencing allows for more effective collaboration and communication between head office and remote offices or people working from home.

Videonations offer a variety of hardware installations and software installations, from room-based applications for your conference room, to software which you can install on clients’ and remote workers’ smart phones, allowing everyone to be part of important conversations no matter where they may be.

All of Videonations’ solutions are built with security in mind, ensuring that you and your clients’ data is safe.