Video Conferencing For Law Firms

How Video Conferencing For Law Firms Can Improve the Efficiency

As technology improves every day, business owners have a whole host of solutions in their arsenal that they can tap into. Using video conferencing for law firms is one of these solutions as it allows employees and business owners to maintain connectivity with each other and with their clients quickly and seamlessly. The legal sector is an industry that can benefit the most from video conferencing because lawyers rely on face-to-face consultations and meetings to finalise deals, correspond with clients and grow their practices. Video conferencing enables legal professionals to do all of these things at their leisure, thereby boosting productivity and efficiency. Here’s how…

Easy To Maintain Communication With Clients

We understand how important connectivity is in the legal sector. Relationships have to be forged and sustained in order to keep the momentum going but it can be challenging for legal professionals to do this as they try to stay on top of their huge workloads. Video conferencing is an effective way of reducing travel time and expenses as it allows its users to simulate a professional meeting room setting and atmosphere. If they’ve got cases with witnesses scattered all over the country or overseas, courthouses in different cities or clients located in all parts of the world, video conferencing enables these relationships to continue successfully: all through technology that is high definition, reliable and has crisp clear sound.

Security Measures That Help Build Trust

Of course, all law firms have to operate in accordance with the law and meet the necessary legal requirements. Video conferencing will come with full SRA compliance which includes strong, robust security measures, firewalls and password protections. This will give your clients confidence in your firm, that their private information is entirely secure when you communicate online via video conferencing, email or on the phone. With all the talk in recent press about the rise in cyber-attacks and how easy it is for hackers to infiltrate computer systems, having sufficient security measures in place will give your clients peace of mind and yourself, giving you a better chance of securing business.

With Videonations’ pedigree working within legal and law, we have many years’ experience in providing VC ISDN connectivity to MoJ (Ministry of Justice) court environments, and we have successfully enabled premises and hosted cloud solutions to connect to these courts.

All of Videonations’ video conferencing solutions are designed to help organisations attain maximum efficiency, whether from a meeting room, desktop, or on the move with a mobile/tablet. We have a selection of different video conferencing technologies from all leading manufacturers, including Avaya, Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom and StarLeaf. So get in touch with us so we can find out about your business and provide you with the video conferencing solution that’s right for your unique requirements.