Video conferencing for business continuity, Part 3

In business, as in life, things come up that can have a dramatic impact on our ability to progress as planned. In business, disaster recovery systems are put in place in order to survive when disaster does strike. Business continuity is a bit different. Business continuity is about having systems and processes in place that mitigate against unforeseen circumstances leading to a major business issue.

Video conferencing can play a key role in enabling businesses to work through difficult situations. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the ways that this technology can be implemented in your business in order to ensure communication flow is optimal, and key stakeholders are connected when they need to be.

The boardroom video conference
Video Conferencing Meeting Room
In the boardroom video conferencing solutions enable the leaders of an organisation to communicate with people around the world in high definition real time video feeds.

In difficult scenarios it is crucial that communication is as rich as possible. When thrashing out difficult decisions, leaders of an organisation need to get a feel for how the other people are responding emotionally as well as intellectually to the challenge. They need to be able to assess micro-expressions and judge the nuances of body language.

When disaster looms video conferencing is sometimes the only way to get the richness of communication that is required without having to travel around the globe. In a multinational organisation setting up video conferencing is key to business continuity.

Of course, the boardroom can make use of the video conferencing platform as an integral and regular part of business too. Video conferencing provides the ability to save money on transport costs, whilst saving time travelling too.

Communication between companies
Imagine a scenario that the CEO of an organisation was travelling to Japan to negotiate the final terms of a pivotal deal for his organisation. Bad weather sets in and it is impossible to fly. What happens?

If there is no business continuity planning in place than the CEO may well lose the opportunity in the deal to a competitor. If the CEO has already pre-warned the Japanese organisation of the possibility of flights being grounded, and set up a video conferencing backup plan, the deal may well progress as planned.

Not only do video conference solutions provide a functional way to communicate between parties, but they also demonstrate a commitment to forward planning, to the adoption of technology, and can enhance the company’s image.

Communication with an entire organisation
We live in an uncertain world. Every now and then something happens which has the potential to rock a company to its foundations, and potentially bring it to its knees. At these moments is vital that communication from the leadership of the organisation is clear, concise and inspirational.

Video conferencing solutions can provide the opportunity to communicate with an entire organisation at very short notice. The leadership of a business can put out a communication live to steady the ship and ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Overcome adversity; survive and thrive
Does your organisation have in place a real-time communication flow strategy in the case of a serious problem?

Are you aware of the risks to the overall sustainability of your business?

If something does go wrong how long will you have to respond?

It is the companies they are able to respond quickly to adversity that are able to overcome. Decisions in an organisation can happen much more quickly when communication is face-to-face, real-time and high-definition, and draws from the experience from all relevant stakeholders.

The technology to video conference in the boardroom, and across multi-site offices, is more affordable than it was in the past. We have got to the stage where it makes business sense to integrate video conferencing solutions as a part of everyday business and a means to save time and money, as well as having it in place as part of a business continuity strategy. Many companies find that the full cost of implementation of a top system is recouped in the first year through reduced staff travel costs of just a couple of their team.

If you haven’t looked at the benefits of the technology, then perhaps it is time to see how your business could survive through adversity, and thrive day to day, by incorporating video conferencing into your business.

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