Video Conferencing and Collaboration on Windows – Why Businesses Need This

Video conferencing is the future today. It’s where you can speak to other people as if you’re in the same room as them, despite the fact you could be in another city. You have perfect sound quality and HD reception. It sounds like the pinnacle of technology, and to an extent it is.

Providers of video conferencing solutions have taken it a step further: Collaboration through video conferencing. They want to give businesses the chance to work with others through video conferencing.

They’ve done this primarily through the Windows operating system, due to the fact it’s the most popular platform around.

Fulfilling a Need

The main benefit of collaboration is it fulfils a need. Without on-screen collaboration, it’s a matter of pointing the camera at a whiteboard in the background and writing things down. It’s difficult to collaborate and it often makes it an unviable option for businesses looking to make the right impression.

New collaboration video conferencing incorporates programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to bring up text-based documents and spreadsheets.

To an extent, we can already see this being done with Google. Google Spreadsheets is a collaborative program where anyone can write on a spreadsheet at the same time. This is essentially the same thing, except it has video conferencing with it.

The Value of Collaboration

Video conferencing is all about talking and brainstorming. Allowing for collaboration takes it to a whole new level and brings an extra dimension of value in to the equation. Think about it like this:

You now have the opportunity to build your ideas more clearly. You’ve gone from telling someone to showing someone.

You can prepare documents you made prior to the conference, allowing for more fully formed ideas and the ability to get more things done.

You can make changes to existing ideas through the video conferencing screen. You now have far more usability than before.

What about Security?

Whenever you start to bring your personal files into video conferencing, questions about security always begin to appear. In many areas of the world, it’s a legal requirement for businesses to have a minimum level of security in place. Either way, any business who wants to deal with reputable clients will have to show they take security seriously.

Video conferencing collaboration solutions with Windows also have to think about security. Information travels across internal and external networks. Prying eyes have multiple opportunities to try to extract information.

Thankfully, video conferencing hardware doesn’t come with the same risks as online collaboration software. Download a software-based solution from the Internet and businesses have to contend with a security solution provided by someone else.

There’s no guarantee they have the best software available. All you have is their word. For the security of your documents and the concerns of your clients, this isn’t acceptable.

A hardware-based collaboration solution gives you full control over security. This way you can do everything you can to ensure your client knows collaboration through video conferencing is safe.

How Much Will it Cost?

Believe it or not, this level of collaboration is cost-effective for businesses. You have to understand you’re collaborating through your own desktop. Your computer is connected to the video conferencing hardware you’ve set up, therefore it’s not significantly more expensive than a conventional video conferencing solution.

Businesses need to look at collaboration with Windows not through the cost of implementation but the returns.

Being able to collaborate with your clients like this only leaves a positive impression on your business. It demonstrates you’re willing to invest in the convenience of the people you work with. It also shows your company is on the cutting edge of technology and you’re well aware of the needs of your target market.

The main costs of video conferencing are in the initial installation and implementation stage. You already use the Internet and you already pay for the office space.

Demonstrating such effective collaboration could mean the difference between winning a contract and losing out on a contract.

Does it Really Give You Value for Money?

Collaboration video conferencing solutions work with all the major Windows programs. It works with the entire Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You’ll find it easy to highlight essential figures and perform presentations to an audience in a different physical location.

It will drastically increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. You’ll be able to cover a lot of ground in a matter of minutes. Instead of planning face-to-face meetings and sending emails with various documents back and forth, you’ll be able to work on them together.

When the benefits offered are taken into account, the implementation costs become trivial. The majority of businesses repay the money they put into installation many times over in the long-term.