Utilising Interactive Boards For Business Conferences

Take the concept of a traditional blackboard, add a microchip and what do you get? An interactive board, that’s what. Offering far more than your average black- (or white) board, the interactive whiteboard of today can be used in a range of scenarios.

Dry-wipe marker pens have been replaced with large screens, rich colourful graphics and shareable files – all happening in real-time. As well as in classrooms, interactive boards are increasingly playing a key role in business. And they can be used to make something as conventional as a business conference seem fun, engaging and well, infinitely more interactive.SMART Kapp iQ

Sharing content

Business today is all about sharing content, and interactive boards make this process much easier during the course of a business conference. They are able to save or export the content they display – along with any additions made during the conference. This means goodbye printed hand-outs (‘take one and pass them along, please’) and hello to sending email copies to participants, posting documents online and making information available for download.

Capturing real-time data

You might choose to display content that you have produced prior to the conference. If not, with an interactive board you can create live content during the course of your presentation. This process can be as collaborative as you want it to be, with participants able to write on the board, if you (and they) so choose. The technology contained in that aforementioned microchip even extends to hand-writing recognition – transforming your scrawl into more presentable type.


Whatever your operating system, there will be an interactive board that connects to it. This connection can either be set up through a cable (although this limits the maximum distance between the computer and board). Or you could opt for one with a wireless connection to give you greater flexibility – all thanks to the power of Bluetooth.

Clear messages

A trap that many conference presenters fall into is giving participants an overload of information. A stream of graphs, statistics and diagrams can be confusing for attendees to understand. Interactive boards allow for clearer messages that do not require attendees to translate at the time. Instead, they can go straight to the source of the information and consume relevant data in their own time.

Advanced features

The software included in interactive boards can be tailored to meet your needs – as well as the needs of the wider business community. We’ve already mentioned hand-writing recognition technology, but if you want to be able to share content with remote participants, interactive boards can deliver. Or, perhaps you need a board that has the ability to connect to other whiteboards via the Internet – again, job done. Equally, you might want an interactive board that has built-in speakers so that you get the best sound quality, or one that is easy to transport from conference to conference. Again, not a problem.

Put simply, however interactive you want your conference to be, Videonations has the perfect interactive whiteboard solution for your business. If you would like to find out how an interactive board can benefit your next business conference, get in touch.