Tips For Better Video Conferencing

Video conferencing opens up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses large and small. From job interviews and team meetings to connecting with clients around the world, video is helping companies nurture communication and collaborate in new ways.

Video conferencing also helps businesses save time and reduce the cost of travel – all of which means it’s easy to see why video conferencing is becoming so popular.

Most mobile devices have great video capabilities and combined with a new wave of quality affordable products and services, more of us are finding ourselves in front of a lens at work.


Here are a few tips to help you improve your next video conference meeting.

Stay focused

In any meeting there is often a temptation to multi-task. Even the slightest amount of distraction can make it look like your mind is elsewhere. This is amplified on video, so stay focused and you’ll look infinitely more professional.

Check the technology

Make sure that everything is working before the meeting starts. This means connecting 15 minutes ahead of schedule to iron out any issues, not saturating the connection with any additional uploads or programs, and having a trouble-shooting guide to hand (in case something does go wrong).

For peace of mind, you may want to go for a managed video conferencing solution. This removes the need to reboot the system or update software. It gives you all the benefits without a big investment.

Be respectful

Meetings are a chance for individuals to discuss (and argue) their case. However, the arguments you have in person may not translate onto the screen. Show that you empathise with the other person’s perspective, stay on topic, and don’t speak over people. This will help you convey your message and argue your point without things getting out of hand.

Think about your surroundings

Sitting in a cluttered environment isn’t a great start to a video conference. As well as making you look unprofessional, it can also be a distraction for other parties. Try to sit with a blank wall behind you and avoid anyone walking into shot. Room-based video conference systems are the traditional way of conducting virtual meetings, and can be adapted to suit different requirements.

Look at the camera

When you are talking make sure you look directly at the camera. The best video conference systems allow you to do this and see the other meeting participants at the same time. The ultimate in face-to-face communication is immersive telepresence which gives the impression participants are seated around a table.

Use a good camera

The rise in remote working means that desktop solutions are in demand. The built-in cameras found in desktops and laptops are OK, but an external camera will produce better results. Personal video collaboration systems work alongside other systems and offer great image (and sound) quality.

Send a follow-up email

The best meetings are those which clarify who is tasked with what going forward. This is easy to recreate when using video conferencing too. Send out an email summarising the main points and commitments to ensure clarity and progress is made after the meeting.

At Videonations, we offer a range of video conferencing solutions. We are a certified partner of vendors including Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom and Starleaf. See how we can help your business have a more connected relationship with clients, suppliers, partners and employees.