The Business Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage is usually associated with restaurants, hotels, airports and train stations, but its uses extend far beyond these businesses alone. Companies from all sectors are fast realising the many benefits digital signage can bring their business.

A static sign is no longer enough to communicate to customers and clients in today’s hectic digital world – it’s too subtle. Businesses’ messages need to stand out and be noticed – without being too disruptive or forceful.


This is precisely where digital signage comes into its own. It offers the perfect balance between under- and over-stated information. But more than that, it’s about real-time, flexible, personalised and dynamic information that your customers will want to see.

Here are a few ways digital signage could benefit your business:

Reduce costs

Previously, digital signage carried with it a hefty price tag. Not anymore; due to drastically reduced equipment prices, large and small companies alike can now afford the investment. Plus, in the long term it removes the costs of printing adverts and information, saving money all the time.


Digital signage allows users to make regular and speedy changes to messages. Content can be updated with the click of a button, making it a convenient, time-effective solution.

Increase engagement

As a society we have become familiar with social media feeds, online video, and blog updates. Audiences respond to the dynamic nature of modern multimedia, and engage at a higher level than with other, more traditional, printed media. The main goal of any type of signage is to grab the audience’s attention – digital signage does this effortlessly through high-definition displays, relevant content and quality design.

Real-time information

Users can connect digital signage to the most relevant, real-time information the internet has to offer. From news or Twitter feeds to weather updates and video content, digital signage brings customised content to your audience.

Targeted content

Whatever your business may be, digital signage can display the most relevant content out there. Depending on the audience demographic or external factors, content can be rotated and adapted to suit different interests and needs.

Space saving

Most businesses have more than one message to convey, but only have a finite amount of wall space. By rotating the content displayed on digital signage, multiple messages can be shown in a limited area.

Influence purchase decisions

When used in retail outlets, digital signage has the power to influence countless buying decisions. Consumers make the majority of their purchase decisions in store, so why not help them reach that decision?


Because digital signage is controlled by the touch of a button, it requires significantly less footwork to manage than traditional campaigns – saving time energy and money.

Increase revenue

You may also want to consider placing adverts for other (non-competitor) local businesses on your company’s digital signage. It could be a nifty way to generate additional revenue.

Increase credibility

A great way for a business to build trust and increase credibility is to showcase the work done for previous clients. This could be in the form of video, case studies, or client recommendations; it will demonstrate your business’s integrity and reliability better than any advert or promotional flyer ever could.