Video Conferencing – The Advantages of Turning to Polycom

Polycom is a provider of video conferencing solutions. They promote the concept of an immersive conferencing experience. It’s the next step in taking video collaboration into the future.

Video conferencing has caught on amongst businesses. They’re already starting to see video conferencing as an essential part of their company.

Let’s take a look at immersive video conferencing and what it means for users.

What is Immersive Conferencing?

Immersive conferencing takes away the projectors and the wires. You have a conference room with a television screen on the other side of the desk. These can go up to 84 inches and they each have a person visible on each screen.

It’s possible to have a conference where there are three people on either side of a desk, but on one side of the desk everyone is talking from the comfort of their own premises on a TV screen.

It boasts HD quality and crystal clear sound transmission. It’s the next big thing. This is a realistic conferencing option allowing people to speak as if they were in the same room, even though they could be in completely different towns or cities.

Hidden Technology

Polycom’s view to creating an experience with invisible technology isn’t a new idea. It’s simply about hiding the cables and the wires to allow for full focus on the screen. Many providers offer this, including Cisco, Starleaf, and Radvision.

Many businesses complained about video conferences not feeling natural because of all the technology surrounding them. With immersive conferencing, all you see is a television screen.

Simplicity in Collaboration

The best part about high-end video conferencing solutions is minimalism. Minimalism, in this case, refers to reducing bandwidth and enabling compatibility with other providers. All providers do everything they can to make their technology as compatible as possible with other systems.

Polycom says their technology can reduce bandwidth by 50%. This enables you to reduce the amount you spend on large networks. You’ll be able to take advantage of video conferencing for your small business without hurting your budget.

Work on the Screen

Modern video conferencing is more than just being able to see the other person on the screen. It’s about being able to work and collaborate across a network. A business on the cutting edge of their industry needs to work with clients. They have to show off spreadsheets and presentations.

Forget having to focus any cameras on a whiteboard at the back of a room. Immersive video conferencing lets you work on your computer and bring up various spreadsheets and documents on the screen. It simply segments the large screen and provides a space where the person you’re talking to can read the document.

This is a new level of collaboration and it allows you to make savings on all levels.

No longer do you have to worry about having lots of printouts to hand. You know you can just access them whenever you like in the middle of a conference.

Flexible Room Environments

Another major advantage of immersive technology is its ability to be flexible, just like a face-to-face meeting. If you plan on speaking to four or more people, you could take the conference into another room where there’s more space and more capacity for holding meetings.

For the small or medium-sized business, where space is often an issue, this is crucial. The lack of visible technology means you can minimise conferencing space. In many cases, you will use less space than you would if you were holding a face-to-face meeting.

What about the Cost?

The cost of the latest video conferencing solutions just keeps going down. Advancements are made every few months, and providers realise a significant portion of their audience can’t spend thousands of pounds.

It’s not only about what a business has to spend to take advantage of video conferencing. It’s about what they get in return.

Wainhouse Research conducted a study where they asked 5,000 video users all over the world about how video conferencing in general benefited them. They were a mix of individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Every user used a different provider, such as Radvision, Lifesize, and Cisco.

They discovered in 94% of cases video conferencing enhanced productivity and efficiency. In 88% off cases it increased how quickly decisions were made, and in 87% of cases it made major dents in the business’s travel bill.

These are some of the primary reasons why people have decided to use video conferencing solutions.

Need it Now?

What’s particularly interesting about the survey mentioned above is the results they received for how often people use video conferencing.

25% of the 5,000 people used it daily, with 39% using it weekly. If we add up these figures, this represents over half of all businesses requiring the use of a video conferencing solution.

It makes sense to always have the best. The effects on a single business can be huge. It’s wise to begin making preparations for this investment right now if you want your business to maximise its potential!