How Smart Board technology Can Transform Your Training Department

A key aspect of driving your business forward is training your employees. The way you prepare them to handle daily tasks can literally make or break your company. Using the best audio and video technology in your training rooms can aid the transfer of learning, improve attitudes, and mean staff go back into company activities with less skill and knowledge gaps.

There are a plethora of workplaces across the UK that have implemented wonderful training programmes with the aid of AV technology. This article is going to explore some of these businesses. They are in different sectors and industries, but they all have one thing in common; they have built their training programmes upon technology to enhance the experience and effectiveness for employees.

Read on to find out how these businesses have put themselves ahead of the pack when it comes to training their workforce.

Audio visual solutions



This company, one of the most well-known in the world, is now using audio video technology to help improve training processes. Cadbury is not only known for its innovation in the confectionary industry, their trainers now have state of the art training facilities as well. Just like thousands of other companies and education facilities throughout the world, they were still using the old method of PowerPoint presentations and projectors in their training rooms. They knew that there had to be a way to make training more efficient at their Bournville facility.

The answer? Out with the old projection systems, and in with the SMART Boards. The company decided an investment in new collaborative audio video technology would make a huge difference to how efficient and effective their training programmes would be. Instead of setting up projectors to give training demonstrations they use the SMART Board to view material and drive much more interactive training programmes. This has made their training sessions much more functional and accessible. Not to mention flexible for people with different learning styles.

Cadbury has seen excellent results following the introduction of SMART boards to their training. They have now expanded their incorporation of the technology in the company by purchasing more boards for their offices, meeting rooms and board rooms, and using them in functions other than just training.

Britannia Safety and Training

What company is going to require more innovative training tools than one specialising in providing training services to their clients? Britannia Safety and Training is one of the largest safety-related training providers in the UK, and they have adopted some new technology to make their services even better than ever.

The SMART Board system has revolutionised the way they train and educate their clients, by offering so much more than the traditional presentation training model. With SMART Boards in hand, the trainers can now really get their clients involved in the training process. Their training processes have moved from passive to interactive and collaborative.

Britannia decided to make their new training space something that would be future proof, and give them the edge on the competition. Trainees can now get a lot more involved in the courses they are taking, and this is helping them achieve better results. Learners are more able to assimilate training content, and transfer what they have learned to practical situations in the work place. Measures of course satisfaction have improved markedly. This has helped Britannia expand their business and develop a reputation for being one of the top training providers in their arena.

Singleton Birch

Singleton Birch manufactures lime products. They decided they wanted a new way to train their employees, and decided to open up a state of the art facility. The main attraction at this new facility is a gigantic 96 inch widescreen SMART Board; certainly the centre of attention in the training room. This board is used in conjunction with a PC, other screens, and a projection system, to offer some of the most interactive training sessions available.

When holding a session trainers can customise the experience each and every time, depending on what the trainee needs are going to be. There is also the ability to do multiple presentations and hands on training sessions at the same time, using multiple screens situated throughout the room. These can also be synced and used for one large presentation, and have people involved from different parts of the room. The new training facility has drastically improved their effectiveness and Singleton Birch are reaping the benefits of the investment.

Employee training is a vital part of cultivating success in any type of business. By giving your employees the best resources and information available, you are investing in your human capital. By using AV technology properly, you can change how training is done and make it an more productive process for everyone involved.

Other companies can take note of what these three have accomplished with their training programmes; this is the wave of the future and others will need to jump on soon to remain competitive.