Barco ClickShare: Making Conference Collaboration Wireless

Collaboration has changed over the last decade. In conference rooms more people are collaborating to ensure that the right outcome is reached. The days of a single presenter preaching to the room are on their way out. Here are the days of engagement, of screen sharing, multiple presenters, and creative collaboration. Technology is here to facilitate the process.

However, in too many scenarios the technology ends up frustrating us; leaving us waiting for IT tech support to help with conference room compatibility issues, cabling up contributors, and ensuring a seamless flow of information.
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Enter Barco ClickShare wireless collaboration
Barco have successfully developed a solution that makes boardroom and conference room technical glitches a thing of the past. Their wireless collaboration products, ClickShare, make use of wireless technology to simplify the conference room setup process.

The ClickShare products (an expanding range), consist of buttons, a tray and a base unit. The buttons plug into the USB ports of the collaborators; they click the button and they are automatically synced to the conferencing system. Participants can extend their desktop onto the central shared screen, play video, and even collaborate through an iPad, iPhone or Android device.

All this is achieved without any software installation on the user devices. It is a hassle free wireless, plug and play, conference room collaboration tool; an award winning tool.

Let’s take a look at some actual implementations of this wireless collaboration facilitator in conference rooms.

CxO Leadership Forum
In 2012 Barco demonstrated the ClickShare product at the Belgium Leadership Forum. The following year the CxO Magazine lead forum utilised a set up with 10 ClickShare systems.

The Leadership Forum is the epitome of new world collaboration. The singular goal of the attendees is to interact and share knowledge and experiences; not to listen. Dirk Vermant, the publisher of CxO magazine said “Everything went faultlessly and the users were impressed by ClickShare’s ease-of-use”.

TC Communications, Ascot
At this fully integrated marketing agency the boardroom is at the heart of what they do. With 55 staff working on a high profile clients from multiple sectors, they use video collaboration and smart technology for both external and internal meetings. In order to facilitate the sharing of information from mobile devices and laptops the company has installed a Barco ClickShare system in their central meeting room.

Jamie Barlow, digital director, said “The ClickShare system is a very useful collaboration tool for any meeting room. We mainly use the system internally to share information during brainstorming sessions, but we’ve also presented ideas to current clients and prospects using ClickShare. It is simple, easy to use, we can just click a button and the content from our laptops is displayed on the large screen – it really increases efficiency in meetings.”

When ideas matter, and efficiency is important, ClickShare makes everything easier and smoother.

GB UK Healthcare, North Yorkshire
GB UK Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of medical devices based in North Yorkshire. Their products can be found in hospitals and in the community around the country. In fact, they have delivered over 70,000 products to wide scale use in NHS trusts in the UK. Their products include oxygen therapy equipment, catheters, female health products and chest drainage systems.

The company has a super high-tech audio visual facility in their head office. In their custom-built boardroom they project the high-tech image that their products and corporate niche deserve and demand. In an environment where only the best will do they opted for Barco ClickShare to manage their collaborative audio visual requirements.

In a corporate space where technical issues in the boardroom could spell damage to the company reputation, the Barco product ensures professionalism.

Mediablaze, Vauxhall
This content and social agency, employing 20 full-time staff, delivers presentations to clients on a daily basis. Their installation of the Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system enables enhanced collaboration, and impressive presentations. Meetings are faster and information is shared more easily today than in the past.

Prior to the installation the company used to have to use cables to connect up devices for presentations and halt meetings in order to share information. Michael Brooke, group editorial director, explains that their “ClickShare system has allowed them to use new types of devices in meetings and to greatly improve efficiency”. Presentations by multiple people are easier than ever before, and downtime is reduced, meaning a better flow of creativity.

Let the creativity flow
In a world where competitive edge is about creativity and effective collaboration, Barco ClickShare systems facilitate the seamless flow of information, increased efficiency and overall a more relaxed and professional environment.