A Look At Big Screens At Concerts

Big screens have become part and parcel of concerts. This is a sharp departure from a decade or two ago, when only very few concert organisers could afford to bring in big sharp LED screens. Event goers today expect screens to be dynamic, high definition, and to feel engaged from wherever they are.

Why Are Big Screens So Important To Concerts Today?

  • Big screens help improve the atmosphere for the fans, enhancing the visual experience
  • Mobile big screens make it easy to bring the stage closer to the fans, regardless of where they may be located in the concert grounds
  • Screens can offer a platform to engage the audience away from the main stage
  • They offer a medium through which to communicate promotional information, and concert-related information
  • They increase the reach of performers in big venues, relaying high definition streams to fans who may be a long way from the stage

Here are some examples of concerts and shows that have deployed big screens in recent times.

Comic Relief “Thank You” Party
The 2011 Comic Relief party was held at Fabric, in London. The party was to celebrate 2011 being a record breaking fund raising year for the organisation. The audience was comprised of staff, celebrities and sponsors, and the total number of guests was around the 700 mark.

At the occasion, the CEO Kevin Cahill and Co-founder Richard Curtis thanked the guests for their role in raising £104 Million Pounds for the charity. There were performances by a variety of artists, and the guests were able to enjoy high resolution relay of events on stage due to the huge screen and 15000 lumen projector deployed. In addition, Dual 60-inch Plasma screens were fitted to the side of the party venue.

The big screens contributed to making the event a roaring success.

Large event screen

Sir Elton John Solo Concert, Stoke Park Country Club, Buckinghamshire
This was one of the concerts of the year in the UK. It was staged in partnership with Sportsaid UK and brought together over 5,000 people. It broke the record for attendance at the Stoke Park Country Club, and raised over £300,000 for young athletes striving to achieve Olympic and Paralympic success.

To help deliver an immersive experience to the crowd, over 350 LED panels were put together to deliver live content from the stage to the audience, as well as communicating Sportsaid messages to the crowd. The screens served as a captivating backdrop and featured throwbacks to past Elton John concerts too.

The 2014 BET Honours

The 7th edition of this annual event was held on February 8th at the Warner Theatre in Washington DC. The concert is a celebration of African Americans in different spheres, including education, service, media, literature, music and entertainment.

The art director of the show oversaw the installation of 200 digiLED MC7 panels for the upstage screen, and 64 digiLED MC15 LED panels for the left and right stages (128 in total). This installation provided high resolution viewing for the audience around the venue. The installation also had zero radio frequency interference.

On the screen, the audience was able to enjoy high definition footage of the honourees’ career highlights, and when there was no footage being displayed, a media server pushed background patterns to the screen.

Large outdoor screen

The Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
This is a yearly show where important contributors to the Rock and Roll industry are recognised. This year’s event was held on April 16th. Several big names were inducted this year, a few of who were Cat Stevens, Linda Ronstadt, Nirvana, Kiss, Hall and Oates, and Peter Gabriel.

Legendary band managers Andrew Loog Oldham of the Rolling Stones, and the late Brian Epstein of The Beatles, received the Ahmet Ertegun Award.

The majority of those inducted performed on the night; to the delight of the thousands of fans present.

The night was made a success by the array of stars, but the 65 foot wide and 15 foot tall video wall was also a major contributor.

BET’s “Black Girls Rock”
Black Girls Rock is an annual show that focuses on positive role models and laudable contributions made by women of colour. The 2013 edition was held in the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre.

The show organisers installed a vast number of high resolution LED video panels on the set. 224 digiLED MC7 LED and MK7 7mm panels were deployed. The panels suffered no radio interference and served as screens behind the presenter at both the left and right stage. Additionally, a close down screen was installed to help facilitate seamless set changes. The 7mm panels were deployed with the high powered TV cameras on the show in mind. There was also an upstage curved screen made of 132 MC7s, at 33 panels wide by four panels high.

420 digiLED MC15 panels served as the vertical ribbons in the set and 112 digiFLEX 6mm panels were used to face the stage risers. All of these contributed to the amazing show, witnessed by both people at the venue and millions watching on TV in their homes.

Big screens can make a good event great, and a great event unforgettable. These days high definition screens are the expectation, rather than the exception. With curved screens, 4K ultra definition, and other new and emerging technologies, those that enjoy concerts are set for an even more engaging experience in the future.