London Olympics see’s rise in video conferencing usage

Following years of anticipation, the  London 2012 Olympic games got underway just short of a week ago. An additional three million tourists are anticipated throughout the games, expecting to improve trade across London and the surrounding areas. This is a welcome boost for the British economy.

However, preparation was required by many organisations to ensure travel disruption, a result of the increase in visitors, had minimal impact on business. Employees were expected to face challenges traveling to and from work, and business travel to visit suppliers and clients was expected to be severely affected.

An important area to address was communication. Business relationships and operations needed to remain unaffected throughout the games. The solution – Video conferencing and collaboration technology.

Organisations who use the technology have seen what benefits video conferencing and collaboration equipment brings. Employees can work from home, productivity is increased, travel expenditure can be significantly reduced, as can an organisations carbon footprint.

Following a rise in video collaboration hardware sales over the past 12 months, Videonations expected to see a sharp rise in demand for hosted/managed video conferencing services during the Olympic games.

Our reports show during the first week of the Olympics, our cloud service usage has increased by 245%. This clearly demonstrates the importance of video communication, especially when it is required to replace travel.

Throughout the London Olympics we believe organisations across London will be exposed to video communication more than ever, helping to further realise the benefits of the technology and see it as the preferred, cost-effective method of communication over traditional meetings.