Implementations of Video Conferencing in Different Job Roles

For some years the web has been filled with webinars and online conferencing events. The online environment is such a great place to meet up and educate, learn and share. Sometimes when we are looking at a solution for our business we fail to recognise the most efficient way of doing things. Sometimes we are too close to the woods to see the trees.

This piece will take a look at some examples of situations and jobs that could benefit from a video conference solution. This will help to highlight the ways in which video conferencing could be used to make your business more efficient. The world is changing. Are you changing with it?

The Online Sports Psychology Practitioner
In many fields these days the biggest struggle is getting in front of people. For a sports psychologist this can be a particularly challenging issue. If you have clients spread around the country, and have to travel hours, shelling out hundreds of pounds for transport, the cost implications for your clients can be massive.

It is clear that a sport psychologist needs to be able to interface directly with their clients. However, after initial meetings it may be possible to take a step back and work over a video conferencing environment for a period of time. This can also work for group sessions when training teams, or offering workshops.

Imagine an elite gymnast is preparing for an event over in Russia. The gymnast and their team could benefit from the intervention of a sports psychologist to ensure that they are mentally prepared as a team through video conferencing session. How powerful is that?

The Independent Financial Adviser
Video Conferencing Meeting Room
Many of the challenges that online sports psychologist can overcome can be tackled by video conferencing solutions for independent financial advisers. It is important that a financial adviser has regular meetings with their clients in order to assess their attitude to risk and ensure that investments and financial planning continue to be relevant to their situation.

Face-to-face meetings are a key part of this process; video conferencing can provide a much richer medium than a telephone call. In addition, the video conferencing can provide the opportunity to pass over files and information that can hit the client’s computer directly.

An independent financial adviser that is available for consultations face-to-face on a regular basis, and can provide clinics throughout the year, will be able to build stronger relationships with their clients. video conferencing provides an opportunity to do so in a cost-effective, time efficient manner.

The Online Marketer
Online marketing has changed over recent years. Gone are the days of building spammy links and driving online traffic through poor quality content. These days we need to do something a bit different in order to promote ourselves online. One great way to build a following and generate traffic is by doing video conferences.

There are many ways that an online marketer could use video conferencing to promote a business. Here are a couple:

  1. A key person in a company could make themselves available for interviews and questions through a video conferencing solution. This could be on an appointment basis, or an ad hoc basis. By doing this the business will generate opportunities, and become more influential in the sector.
  2. 2. An online marketer could set up a video conference to discuss products, services, their industry or to provide training. A video conferencing platform can be a conduit to connect with thousands of people every year, and could be combined with recorded web casts to become an even more powerful marketing tool.

The Online Trainer
Training companies need to be acutely aware of the time sensitive nature of what they do. Training and marketing are always the first victims of spending cuts when there is a downturn in company fortunes, or the economy.

Whether a company deals with large organisations, SMEs or one man bands they need to understand that employees in training are seen as employees ‘off the floor’; unproductive and non-contactable.
In training situations video conferencing solutions provide the opportunity to overcome the travel costs involved in training, the challenge of remote office locations, and the impact of inconsistent training quality delivered by different trainers within an organisation. In addition, the requirement for multiple training departments can be removed, and training centralised for a whole organisation, dramatically reducing training costs.

Save Time, Save Money, and Build Better Relationships
Throughout this piece you will have noticed that the common threads of being able to save time and money, and build stronger relationships, flow through the argument for using video conferencing.
The biggest barrier to video conferencing has been the speed of the Internet in the UK. Over the last average Internet speed almost triple. Fibre-optic broadband is rolling around the country providing speeds of up to 1 Gb per second. Even remote areas are now seeing the roll out of superfast broadband, enabling new business practices and dramatically improved communications online.

Around 60% of UK businesses now use remote workers. This percentage is only set to increase as 4G connectivity and fixed line broadband blankets they UK with sufficient connectivity to do just about anything we want to do online.

In the future it will be the case that businesses won’t just benefit from video conferencing, they will have to use video conferencing to remain in business. The competitive advantages of utilising this rich communication medium both within a business, and to communicate with customers, make it inevitable that we are going to see a sea change in the way in which interactions occur. That is the future; but it is the present too. Videonations work with organisations as diverse as GlaxoSmithKline, Transport for London, the Met Police, Spar, Barnado’s, the University of Cambridge, and BMA. The revolution has already begun!