How video conferencing can help your sales team

Video communication is used across organisations all around the world. Directors, dispersed groups, and individual workers can communicate and collaborate productively without the need to travel.

However, in many businesses the use of video goes no further than meetings between colleagues and partners. Sales teams still heavily rely on telephone calls, email, and having to travel to visit clients.

How video conferencing can help your sales teamThe simple truth is video could be the difference between winning and losing a business deal.

For sales people without video conferencing technology, frequent face-to-face interaction with clients is an on-going challenge. Face-to-face conversations are often substituted with telephone calls which are up to 70% less productive, less interactive, and lack personality.

For office based sales teams who are completely restricted to using telephones and email, the fact they are being denied a tool which helps generate more business is crazy when video conferencing is proven to help build client relationships.

For both internal and field based sales teams video is a must have tool for communication. Once face-to-face communication has been established in-person or over video, the connection with the client instantly progresses. In between client visits video can be used to continue the face-to-face interaction and ensure each conversation is productive. Time and money is saved through reducing travel and customer relationships are improved as a result of increased face-to-face meetings.

Using video to communicate with clients might be the telling difference between your business and your competition.

Video can bring more to your sales and marketing departments:

  • Provide customers at branch offices with expertise from remote offices
  • Link remote sales people to headquarters for personal interaction
  • Conduct market research with customers face-to-face
  • Get marketing messages out to the field
  • Serve more clients in a day by reducing travel

If you believe your business can expand your use of video to other departments please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the options available to you.