How to Conduct a Video Conference Meeting

Video conferencing is a tool you’ll find across thousands of organisations all around world. It drives productivity, brings together dispersed groups, speeds up decision making, reduces travel expenditure and even has a positive impact on an organisation’s carbon footprint.

The developments in high definition technology, networks, and bandwidth availability means video is now must-have business communication tool.

If you are new to video communication using the technology can seem daunting, but in reality it’s very simple to use and is no longer only for the IT savvy amongst us.

There are however a number of important factors to consider before conducting a video conference meeting.

  1. Enunciate – Although the latest audio and video technology can deliver crystal clear picture and sound it can’t understand people mumbling any more than a human being can, so speak clearly as you would in any business meeting.
  2. Pause before speaking – There can sometimes be a slight delay in receiving the video and audio during a video conference, so it’s both respectful and ensures a better video experience to let the person at the far end finish what they are saying before you start speaking.
  3. Dress to impress – As you can be clearly seen and heard on a video call it is important to dress as you would for a normal business meeting. Avoid wearing clothing that’s too bright. Darker clothing will ensure you appear clearer on the screen.
  4. Be more than just a talking head – Make your meeting more engaging and effective by using the multimedia sharing functionality. Share presentations, websites, spread-sheets and video clips.
  5. The camera sees everything – A video conference is not like an audio conference. The camera will see all facial expressions, movements, and hand gestures. The things you could get away with on an audio conference will not be acceptable on a video call.
  6. Address your entire audience – If you are presenting to a group of people remember to address your entire audience. That also includes the participants physically in the same room as you as well as the people at the far end.

Following these simple steps will help you to conduct your video conferencing meeting quickly and efficiently.