How Insurance Companies are Embracing Audio Visual Technologies

Modern audio visual and video conferencing solutions have changed the way insurance businesses operate. They are delivering a range of benefits to the entire industry, including enabling companies to provide a higher quality of customer service, whilst driving towards their financial goals.

In this piece we will take a closer look at the benefits of AV and video conferencing in this sector, then reviewing how some companies are using the technology to improve their operational effectiveness and drive business growth.

Insurance Companies

Increased operational flexibility
Insurance companies based in small towns rural locations, can use video conferencing technology to interface with clients around the world. This dramatically increases their prospect list and opportunities. In addition, companies with offices around the country can liaise, strategise and collaborate without having to do the motorway or air miles. This saves the company’s money in reduced costs and fewer man hours lost.

More face to face contact with clients
In the insurance world, customers prefer seeing who they are talking to. Face to Face communication is the best way to build rapport. It helps the prospect to view the body language of the company representative and also helps the company rep to better tailor the sales pitch. The telephone is great, but it just isn’t as rich a communication medium as HD video conferencing.

Having offices in every town can be a great business model, but isn’t necessarily practical. Video conferencing and meeting room technology, such as Interactive Whiteboards, can facilitate dramatic business growth.

Building trust
In a world where the average consumer is exposed to hundreds, even thousands of marketing messages a day, the email medium is no longer the exciting and trusted one it once was; the novelty has well and truly worn off.

Forward thinking insurance companies of today are using webinars and video blogs, like video question and answer sessions, and other interactive media to present themselves to the world and engender trust.

Improvements in the quality of training
The insurance world is fast paced and to meet ever-changing demands insurance companies have to develop ongoing, effective training of their staff. Modern presentation systems and projections systems make training more engaging and interactive. They allow presenters to pull information and media from diverse sources, including: the company network, the internet, CDs, smartphones, the cloud, or directly from a laptop or tablet. Devices can be synced quickly using products like Barco Clickshare, and training meetings can flow easily.

The technology has been proven to make the transfer of learning in training sessions more substantial, meaning more is actually being assimilated and learned. In an industry where change is a constant, AV technology in training rooms is becoming a must.

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Improving collaboration between offices
Modern meeting rooms enable senior staff to collaborate remotely on complex issues as if they were in a room together. Combinations of video conferencing solutions, interactive whiteboards, and other quality AV equipment facilitate faster, more robust decision making; keys to success in a competitive business environment.

Below are some examples of insurance companies that have benefited immensely from the use of new technology in their meeting rooms, training rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms.

Domestic & General PLC Wimbledon
Domestic and General is a UK insurance company with over 60 years’ experience in the protection of household possessions. They insure virtually all household appliances, from washing machines to air conditioners. They are currently providing cover for more than 7.5 million appliances.

The company has multiple offices across the UK, and several call centres, and they saw the need to deploy a quality communications system to support the correspondence between the company and prospective clients, as well as the diverse in-house communications and collaborations between different offices. The company chose to install a blended AV and video conferencing solution, featuring brands such as Lifesize and Polycom.

Today, the company has continued to expand its reach, whilst saving costs on communications and travel. Communication is better and the company has also improved its corporate image by being a relatively early adopter of these new and exciting technologies.

Groupama Insurances (UK) Limited
This company is one of the leading general insurers in the UK. They offer motor, home and health insurance. They also offer protection for UK small businesses.

The company recently moved to a state-of-the-art new head office, and to keep up with the growing demands of the business, the company commissioned the installation of simple but effective AV and video conferencing solutions in the office. The technologies used in the installation include Polycom, AMX and Onelan.

The company has since started to reap the benefits of AV and video conferencing in their business as there have been massive improvements in the quality and speed of communications; as well as an increase in the number of new customers choosing to join the company, each week.

Catlin Group Limited UK
This is a global specialist property and casualty insurer and reinsurer, with a network of 50 offices in cities around the world.

The company recently moved to its larger and more suitable Gracechurch Street address, and with this came the need to upgrade their communications technology to world class standards. They, therefore, commissioned the design of an extensive AV solution that would provide an immersive telepresence experience. The technology deployed included solutions from ATX and Polycom.

The company has enhanced the quality of remote meetings, incorporating new features such as event recording, live streaming, and multi-location interaction. They have well and truly entered the 21st century in terms of their meeting room technology, and have future proofed their communication infrastructure and corporate technology image.

As the insurance game gets tougher, companies must become more effective in their communication, and seek out every advantage they can in the cultivation of a trustworthy, professional experience. AV technology is becoming a vital tool in the pursuit of these goals.