A Glimpse at Video Conferencing Implementations in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is one that relies heavily on collaboration and communication. From boardrooms to factory floors, merchandising to logistics, communication is a constant. For many companies in the sector, especially those with an international clientele, making sure everyone is up to date, and singing from the same hymn sheet, is a big challenge. Staff may have to travel across continents to initiate or finalise processes, strategize, and make decisions. This translates to massive expenditure in terms of financial and human capital outlay.

The advent of solutions, like video conferencing, has however made it easier for such manufacturing businesses and brought a multitude of benefits.

manufacturingFour key benefits of using Lifesize video conferencing solutions in the manufacturing sector are:

  • Principal Officers can communicate with one another from any part of the world, thereby reducing development time and time-to-market.
  • Companies can drastically cut down on travel related expenses and stresses.
  • Companies can reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Stakeholders can be engaged at every stage, wherever they are, meaning better, faster decisions.

Below are some manufacturing businesses that have taken advantage of video conferencing.

EPC United Kingdom Plc, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
EPC UK was established in 1905. The company, a leading name in the field of commercial explosives manufacturing and blasting services, was formerly known as Exchem Plc. The company is made up of four divisions, which include blasting services, explosives, fuel additives and land management.

The company was faced with the challenge of reducing travel costs and travel time between regional offices, and was in need of a high quality video conferencing solution that would be easy for their workforce to use. They chose Lifesize HD video communication systems, installed in seven different locations in the UK and mainland Europe. The systems are regularly used for safety meetings, management meetings, technical meetings and customer meetings. The company’s needs were met by the installation, and the implementation cost was recouped within 18 months; a great return-on-investment.

BWB Consulting, Nottingham, United Kingdom
This company offers a variety of engineering solutions to the development, property and construction industry in the UK and Europe. Based in Nottingham, it has around 150 employees across the UK, in Manchester, Leeds, London and Birmingham.

The company was faced with the challenge of repetitive travelling as their engineers and design teams had to travel regularly to meet up with other team members. The state of the economy pushed the company’s finance department to seek alternatives that would enhance project efficiency. Apart from saving money, the company was also open to alternatives to travelling due to their keen focus on social-commercial responsibility.

The solution accepted was the Lifesize Team 220 and Lifesize Passport HD video systems. These were chosen due to ease of deployment, quality and cost-effectiveness. The solution brought improved but cheaper communication and better working relationships with remote teams. Cost savings and business process enhancements mean the installation paid for itself within two years.

Purcell Miller Tritton, London, UK
This is an architectural company known for working on some of the most history-rich buildings in the UK. The company has a 60-year reputation for excellence and they employ over 180 dedicated individuals across the country.

The company was faced with the travel cost challenge, as well as the need to reduce their carbon footprint. They were therefore on the look-out for a high definition solution that would offer flexibility, at a reasonable price. They chose was a Lifesize HD communication system, which took only six months to recoup the initial investment. Their decision to adopt video conferencing also set them on the path to achieving their carbon footprint goals.

Bateman Engineering
Bateman is a company with nearly a century of history as a leading equipment supplier and engineering project house. They are based in the UK, but have offices around the globe. The company is focused on the delivery of solutions that allow businesses to maximise the usefulness of natural resources, by converting them into products that are marketable.

As a global company, travel between different offices became costly and time consuming, and led to increasing communication barriers. The company began to look for a communication solution which would provide HD images and voice at a good price.

They selected a complete Lifesize solution, comprising Lifesize Passport, Lifesize Room, Lifesize Team and Lifesize Express. For seamless ISDN to IP connectivity, the Lifesize Networker was also installed in various locations.

Today, project and planning teams in the company have embraced video conferences as a preferred alternative to travel.

With the quality of products on offer through companies like Lifesize, costs can be recouped in remarkably little time. Companies that fail to recognise the immense power of video conferencing, it would seem, could struggle to compete in the future.