Five tips for working from home

Home working has steadily been on the rise for the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Businesses have seen productivity in the workforce rapidly increase following the adoption of home and flexible working.

Although not for every organisation, working from home is a great option for many, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. It requires a strong self discipline and organisation to ensure productivity levels remain consistent, and to avoid becoming isolated.

Five tips for working from home

Below are five tips to ensure you remain productive when working from home.

Define your workspace

Avoid the sofa, turn off the TV. Avoid places where you’d choose to relax outside of working hours. Create a workspace which is bright and causes little distraction. Surround yourself with work related material. If you have the luxury of a home office, use it.


Dress for work. Your approach to work can easily be influenced by your choice of clothing. Pick an outfit you would typically wear to the office or for a business meeting. Wear shoes rather than your slippers. If you use video communication technology it’s unlikely your boss or clients would appreciate you joining a video calling wearing your favourite football shirt.

Define set working hours

Don’t work into the night. If you start work at 9am ensure you finish at a respectable hour. Take a lunch break away from your desk and avoid entering your workspace outside of working hours.

Communicate with colleagues regularly

Communication via email and instant messaging comes as standard, but it’s easy to become isolated when solely relying on these tools. Regular communication over the phone and via video calling is important to remain productive. If you haven’t used video conferencing for work purposes put it forward as a suggestion and request a quality web camera or video conferencing system. Face-to-face communication is proven to be up to 70% more productive.

Ensure human interaction on a weekly basis

Video conferencing goes some way to reducing the feeling of being isolated, but try to go into office once a week, or meet up with colleagues at a coffee shop. Face-to-face interaction drives productivity. Having a good balance of video meetings and face-to-face meetings will ensure your productivity remains consistent.