Why Creative Agencies Are Integrating Barco ClickShare into Their Meeting Rooms

Over the past few years, we have seen the introduction of a variety of tools and devices geared towards making meetings and collaboration more effective and less stressful. Some of these tools have come and gone, with little lasting impression. Others have been a massive hit and transformed the way meetings are set up and run.

Clickshare-csc1One of the tools that fits into this latter category is the Barco ClickShare system. This system makes it possible to sync up meeting participants with a central meeting screen at the click of a button.

It is a wireless collaboration tool, which facilitates multi-device meeting input and a seamless flow of information between stakeholders. This leads to greater levels of engagement and a new collaborative meeting environment.

Below are some examples of how businesses are enjoying the Barco ClickShare experience.

TC Communications
Based in Ascot, Berkshire, TC communications is a marketing agency that is over 50 employees strong. The business caters for a wide range of clients in different sectors including retail, sport, aviation and property. TC Communications is an agency that prides itself on its commitment to helping clients hit their targets, and its ability to undertake high-level strategic planning through creative engagement.

All of this points towards a business that is reliant on board room activities on a daily basis. The business needed a meeting and collaboration tool that could be used in both internal and external meetings, and also help in planning sessions devoted to the development of new ideas.

They brought in the Barco ClickShare system to facilitate increase collaboration. With the system, they are now able to easily share information during brainstorming sessions and present ideas more effectively to both existing clients and to new prospects. The deployment of the ClickShare solution has greatly increased efficiency in all their meeting sessions.

Mediablaze is a content and social agency based in Vauxhall. The agency has 20 full time employees, and caters for a diverse group of clients in the lifestyle and technology sectors, handling their content creation, publishing and social marketing.

As a business that is centred on social media, the company is expected to provide seamless and engaging presentations to potential clients.

With the Barco ClickShare system, they have been able to achieve this. The system has helped them achieve a high level of collaboration across the board by allowing staff to use different devices with ease during meetings. They no longer have to connect to screens with cables, and now client devices, and employee personal devices can be connected to the screen wirelessly. This has drastically improved the efficiency of the company, making information sharing a simple and seamless experience, and creating a solid impression through the process.

Wonderful Creative Agency
The Wonderful Creative Agency is a business with years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the country. The company is known for their cutting edge email and text marketing systems. Recently, they also added the ClickShare wireless system to the list of technologies helping to push their business to greater heights. With the system in the company’s boardroom, it is now easy for staff to share content either within a team, or externally with business prospects.

As well as impressing clients that visit the business, the system is now part and parcel of the day to day running of the business. It is used in brainstorming sessions, web pitches and strategy meetings. The increased collaboration and efficiency achieved in internal meetings, through more interactive and dynamic multi-participant communication patterns, has been a major driver for business growth.

Alloy Industrial Design Agency
This industrial design agency, based in Surrey, specialises in experience led design, helping its clients to create improved connections with their customers by delivering more effective innovations.

As a business that is in constant communication with clients they needed a solution to make the process more efficient and professional. This is why they turned to ClickShare, and, today, the system has quickly become an invaluable part of the setup in their meeting room. The wireless system has made it possible to screen share with clients on a big screen, and to organise powerful group calls over Skype. As well as being used for staff meetings to increase productivity, ClickShare has also come in handy during job interviews, as it has made it practical for candidates to demonstrate work portfolio to the HR unit, enabling assessment of presentation skills and past work. This has been a very useful spin off of the system.

The Barco ClickShare system is completely wireless, and takes care of central connection, screen resolution mapping and file sharing, whilst working seamlessly on PCs, MACs, iPhones, iPads and any Android device. It drives creativity and productivity, by engaging more meeting room participants, and facilitating a seamless flow of information. The case studies above highlight why more and more creative agencies are bringing Barco ClickShare products on-board.