Corporate vs. Consumer Video Conferencing: Skype and Lifesize

For many businesses, consumer video solutions like Skype and Google Hangouts are the default solution to their video conferencing needs. However, it is only a matter of time before the limitations of such solutions come to the fore.

A new business may not see the need to move to a corporate video conferencing solution, but as soon as the business grows to become a respectable name in its sector, it may become an uphill task to maintain that status if the move to a corporate video solution isn’t swift.

The dangers of using Skype as a video conferencing solution for business
It is well documented that Skype needs everyone on a multi-site call to have an internet connection of at least 4mb per second for seamless transmission. Skype suggest 8mb per second for 7+ callers. This creates the distinct possibility of calls failing in the middle of an important discussion, tainting the reputation of your business, and potentially costing the business leads.

Video conferencing vs skypeSkype doesn’t offer support for such issues, or any other problems that may arise, so your IT department will have their hands tied when trying to get meetings flowing.

Even when calls don’t drop midway through a discussion on Skype, the quality of audio and video often leave a lot to be desired. This can also negatively impact the effectiveness of meetings and brainstorming sessions. In the boardroom, when only HD will do, Skype will rarely suffice.

How is Lifesize better than Skype as a Video conferencing solution?

Reliability and quality customer service
With Lifesize, you will get high quality video and audio for your meetings. This virtually eliminates dropped calls, or sporadic video and audio interruptions. In the rare case where a problem occurs, there are well-trained professionals ready to help you to discover the root cause of the problem, and prevent a reoccurrence.

Lifesize solutions are designed for business
Using Lifesize, your business will be able to benefit from business-centric solutions, such that Skype does not offer. A business solution allows you to start a call and add as many people as you want in the call. Collaboration and engagement are made seamless.

Lifesize offers interoperability
While using Skype, you need an entirely different setup to be able to use it across devices and with people on other platforms. Lifesize, on the other hand, features a Cloud solution that makes it easy for anyone to join a meeting, regardless of the device or system each individual is using, or their location.


This means there are no restrictions on a smartphone, laptop, tablet or external video system user on joining a call or video conference. This is possible because the Lifesize Cloud solution is standards-based, therefore, third party systems can connect to your Lifesize solution with ease.

Lifesize offers a complete meeting room experience
Skype users rely on the quality of the webcam, internet and resolution of individual or central displays as they seek to create an immersive meeting room environment. Unfortunately, a quality meeting room is more than the sum of its parts.

While consumer webcams and displays will do for a consumer-level meeting, you need business-centric camera optics, audio pickup and user interfaces to be able to create a truly professional meeting room. More than this, you need the component parts to work together, to complement each other; to become an effective ‘system’.


With high quality video displays, PTZ cameras and an HD touchscreen interface, Lifesize achieves this. Lifesize models offering the best meeting room experiences include, Lifesize Icon 400, Lifesize Icon Flex (both for small meetings) and Lifesize Icon 600 (for larger meeting environments).

If security is vital in your business discussions, and let’s face it security is always vital, Lifesize solutions are a much better fit than Skype. Using Lifesize, firewalls are automatically traversed removing the need for you to manage the process. Lifesize systems also feature a highly secure AES 128-bit encrypted cloud experience, so meetings occur in a completely secure environment.

It is clear why the Lifesize solutions are a better fit for business environments than consumer video conferencing solutions like Skype. As the industry grows, more businesses are realising the limitations, and dangers, of using consumer-focused software technology in business environments.

We are now through the pioneering stage in the development of video conferencing technology, and the industry is maturing. With this transition it is the responsibility of every business to understand the implications of the choices they are making, and to adopt business standard, rather than consumer-level, technology.