Control Systems: Making Meetings Easier

A control system is a device or collection of devices which help to manage and regulate the behaviour of other systems and devices.

Control Systems

Control systems are traditionally associated with the manufacturing industry, but today businesses and even the public use these systems in a bid to move towards a more integrated and usable technology infrastructure.

For large organisations a key concern is often being able to organise meetings, integrate collaborators, and get things running seamlessly without interfering with the flow of meetings. With the right control system in place, it becomes much easier to achieve this.

A good control system can help streamline the technology in conference rooms, boardrooms and high-tech domestic infrastructures. An integrated solution offers simple installation and practicality, whilst ensuring scalability and ease of maintenance.

Here is a look at how corporate organisations and big residential homes are currently using control systems to achieve more efficient environments; to get more control.

The Roman Forum

This huge conference room in Italy features 39 modular rooms, used in a variety of business and cultural activities. The facility hosts concerts, events, and meetings, frequently with over 4,700 people in attendance. The owners needed a control system that was not only effective and reliable, but also easy to use.

They chose to deploy the AMX powered control system, meaning the entire venue is managed from one control point. As a venue with Modular rooms, the control system features various touch screens such that every subdivision has its own unit. The control system deployed here is so simple that changing an entire room layout requires only that the administrator hit an icon on the display provided with the control system.

As well as the increased flexibility provided by this AMX powered control system, it has also brought about energy savings, as the system allows the equipment in every room to be turned off with a single touch, and power to be cut in any room when unused for a specified period of time.

The Scottish Mansion, Edinburgh, Scotland
This mansion is proof that it is possible to mix smart home control technology with conventional design. The owner’s request was for the automation experts to put in place control technology and home entertainment that would work for all residents, with the architecture and décor of the home remaining unaffected.

The control system adopted was Crestron’s home technology. Over 140 products from Crestron were used to ensure that seamless control and functionality were achieved. For instance, the design features 40 areas around the house where HD video and music are available. Each of these areas are independent, and can be controlled by anyone in the family using Crestron touch screens.

Alston & Bird Law Firm Raleigh, North Carolina
Alston & Bird law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina has a practice courtroom, which makes it possible for attorneys to practice the presentation of cases before going in front of a jury. The conference room is also the Judge’s chambers and is used for video arraignments, video conferencing, video testimonies, etc. all pointing to the need for a unified control system.

Crestron camera controllers are deployed to help with Pan, Tilt and Zoom for the 4 cameras that are mounted in the corners of the courtroom. The judge’s bench and the attorney station feature Crestron touch panels.

The Ivory Lodge in Manchester
The control system deployed in Ivory Lodge, located just outside Manchester, gives the owner integrated automation of the entire house. The system is powered by Crestron, and some of the models deployed include DIN-AP2, PRO2, TPMC-8X, TPS-6L. The control system offers touch screen control of CCTV, Lighting, TV access, Film and Music, from any part of the lodge. Child monitoring and automated ventilation are also centrally controlled by the solution.

The owner of this property was looking for a home control system that would offer the highest level of comfort, contemporary living and high-tech convenience. Security and ease of use were top on the list of requirements, but flexibility to allow customisation around the evolving needs of the lives of the family members was also an important part. The solution put in place ticks all the boxes.

Lockheed Martin Centre for Innovation, Suffolk

The Lockheed Martin Centre is a research and experimentation lab that is a supplier to the US and UK Ministry of Defence. The lab focuses on a number of products and projects, whilst maintaining stringent control standards across the board.

Creston’s PRO2 processors and TPS-6000 touch panels were deployed to create a secure but unified control system that simplifies activities, such as aerial demonstrations and research and design.

These are just a few of the ways control systems have been deployed around the UK, in Europe and in the US. If you are looking for automation, environmental control, and central management of technological infrastructure, then an intuitive control system is exactly what you need.