Capita and Avoira Partner Up to Present a Real-Time Analytics Solution for First-Class Customer Service

Capita is partnering with technology solutions provider Avoira to implement a real-time voice and digital analytics tool that helps clients to provide exceptional customer service.

The AI-driven technology is part of Capita’s new Assisted Customer Conversations solution, which combines the technology with the company’s customer experience delivery expertise to create better, more productive customer conversations.

When someone calls a client’s customer service centre, the cloud-hosted technology captures keywords from their conversation with one of Capita’s agents, even detecting a range of emotions including displeasure, uncertainty, disappointment or happiness. This analysis gives the agent crucial insight into how to resolve the customer’s query successfully.

Live on-screen prompts guide the agent to take the most appropriate actions during the call. This empowers Capita’s customer service agents to enhance clients’ sales, service and compliance performance and increase their own productivity.

Capita has worked closely with Avoira over the past 10 months to effectively integrate the technology with Capita’s network infrastructure.

This technology is invaluable when companies have large numbers of employees working remotely due to social distancing. Using Capita’s technology, homeworkers have kept contact centres running throughout the pandemic and the Assisted Customer Conversations tool offers them additional support.

It allows team leaders to follow calls live, offer support and expert guidance to agents via chat, and even identify when to intervene in calls if necessary.

Alan Linter, Capita’s Innovation and Data Science Director, heralded the agreement as transforming how the company coaches and supports its agents: “By providing real-time rather than historic analytics, coupled with AI-driven agent assistance, this technology will enable our agents not just to be more responsive, but to respond better.

“By facilitating more efficient and effective communication, it will significantly reduce average hold times and further enhance the services we provide to the private and public sector organisations who rely on us to deliver consistent service excellence.”

He added that the implementation would enable Capita to enhance clients’ competitiveness and service delivery.

Steve Watts, Avoira’s head of sales, commented: “We have worked closely with Alan Linter and his team to ensure Capita’s Assisted Customer Conversations solution will lead the market. This integration will positively impact upon service and cost parameters and provide invaluable differentiation within what is an extraordinarily competitive outsourcing market.”