Why should your business choose video conferencing?

Every business is unique. However, there are common factors in businesses that help them achieve success; efficiency, great communication, relationship forming and maintenance, image etc. In this piece we will take a look at how video conferencing can help you to drive your business forward, and why you should take a serious look at integrating video conferencing into your business activities.

It is a much heard maxim that a picture says a thousand words. The ability to communicate effectively and get the message across is crucial in business. In lots of situations an HD video stream can dramatically enhance the power and flow of information.

Whether you are demonstrating products, training team leaders, or presenting to clients, the process is far more meaningful and engaging if you do it face to face in HD, rather than over the telephone.

Without further ado let’s take a look at some of the key ways that your business that can benefit from video conferencing solutions.

Richer communication and relationships

The phone has helped businesses conference meetings for years. However, the inability to judge the expressions of other people in the meetings, and reliance on tone of voice (very open to misinterpretation), have always meant that the richness of the communication could cause issues.

With video conferencing, and especially HD video conferencing, your staff can view the nuances of the expressions of other staff, business partners and customers. You can build better relationships and understanding within your organisation, and build better foundations with your customers too.

Reducing the costs of travel

The cost of travel in the UK is on the rise. An annual ticket from the Midlands to London costs around £8000 per year. Year-on-year train costs, petrol and flights are getting more expensive. Not only can video conferencing reduce these direct costs, it can also help to make your staff more efficient.

Travel time is normally far less business efficient than if you could do meetings from the office. With video conferencing solutions you can have a meeting in London, then in New York, then in Brussels, then in Birmingham, in the same hour; and not had to have spent a penny on transportation.

It is true that in some situations you need to do face-to-face meetings in person. However, meetings with business partners, colleagues and clients can often be just as effective done over video conferencing solutions.

You may well find that the cost of transport for one employee is equal to the cost of installing a video conferencing solution. It just makes financial and business sense.

Enhancing your business productivity

The world in which we do business these days involves geographically dispersed teams and business functions, and customers that may be based around the country, or around the globe. A major issue with this is that customers often don’t get enough face time, and continuity in communication between and within teams is often lacking. Productivity can be enhanced in both these areas by implementing a video conferencing system.

Teams that use video conferencing tends to be more engaged with projects, and more able to complete tasks speedily, and in synchronisation with other people. Planning and implementation of business tasks become much easier with video conferencing; especially when key meetings were previously held over the phone.

Win the race

The reality is that video conferencing, and other new communications technology, is widely available these days. It is no longer the case that you need to have superfast fibre optic broadband and a huge monthly Internet expense. Over the last 5 years Internet speeds have more than doubled, meaning that just about any small business can benefit from the technology; even those operating from home.

Whether you use the latest technology to become more efficient, more engaged with your customers, and more successful as a company, or not, some of your competitors will. In order to win the race you need to do everything that you can to get your products to the market faster, get the right information around your teams, and connect the people within and outside organisation with optimum efficiency. If you want to win the race in your sector then video conferencing really can help you to do so.

Organisations around the world have found that video conferencing solutions pay for themselves in no time at all. They save time, money and increase business efficiency. With most employees these days fairly technology savvy, the learning curve, and process of integration of the technology into your company, should be minimal.

If you haven’t considered video conferencing then now is the time to think about how it may enhance your bottom line. Investigate it in terms of an investment rather than a cost, and you may find the argument ‘for’ very compelling.