The Best Boardrooms in the World; A look at AV technology at its finest

The boardroom can be the most powerful setting in a company, where decision-makers meet to thrash out strategy, acquisitions and the like. It is also a place for communication with business leaders in other offices around the world. It’s not enough for serious companies these days to just be decked out with a huge mahogany table and plush leather chairs. There needs to be an awful lot of functionality in order to facilitate efficient working and communication; and that means AV technology.

In this article we will take a look at the boardrooms of some of the most influential companies in the world. They give every growing business something to aspire to.

BP, Canary Wharf, London

BP is one of the big names in energy. They have offices in over 100 countries around the globe, spread over 6 continents. The office in Canary Wharf houses 2200+ employees, plus a raft of contractors working on short and long-term projects.

In the boardroom there is a comprehensive suite of AV technology. There is a rear projection system with high quality HD audio and visual capability. There are recording facilities in the ceiling and wireless radio microphones and speakers in the ceiling, table and lectern. Boardroom participants can hook into the AV system using PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. The whole system is managed remotely by a Crestron control system. This makes the environment easy to control and support from a central point.

As you can see the boardroom looks stunning:

BP Boardroom

Royal Bank of Scotland, Gogarburn, Scotland

The RBS group was established nearly 300 years ago. To this day it is one of the most influential and powerful financial organisation in the world, with operations spanning 50 countries. Their main offerings are consumer finance, corporate banking, wealth management and insurance services.

The executive boardroom is fitted with a huge rear projection screen measuring 2.4m X 1.8m. Diverse video and audio sources can feed into the system. The lectern is provided for by a high quality touchscreen monitor. The whole of the boardroom can be controlled from this central interface, including audio, environmental and visual functionality. RBS also has an executive video conferencing room, with a 61 inch display and high-quality microphones at every desk.

With their status in the global marketplace it is little surprise that RBS is so well provisioned for AV, but that doesn’t make their boardroom any less impressive.

RBS Boardroom

BAE Systems, Warton

BAE is a company that provides technology and infrastructure support to military organisations. Their operation at Warton houses a beautiful boardroom, decked out with a 16 seat oval boardroom table, custom leather chairs and chrome writing tablets. There is also a Barco Projector, HDCP Board, and separate 32 inch HD display. They have all the peripherals you would expect from a quality boardroom.

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of this boardroom is the audio provision. There are 5 Quad Forum 8 speakers, a Quad Q Sub Unit, 4 ceiling mounted microphones, microphone mixer, and a Signet Induction Loop System with 10 receivers.

This boardroom truly is a welcoming place. To add even more atmosphere the company has incorporated subtle and appealing mood lighting.

BAE Boardroom

The boardrooms described above represent some of the best out there. These are places where the keenest minds meet to interact with each other and key group personnel at different locations, and with VIPs in partner and rival organisations. The AV technology that supports these organisations has improved exponentially over the years and has transformed the way decisions are able to be made. While all of this technology does come at a pretty price, it is possible add similar technological functionality to any boardroom at prices to fit most corporate budgets.