Advantages of Video Conferencing for SMEs

Video Conferencing Software versus Hardware

In the world of small to medium enterprise (SME), wider access to video conferencing is proving to be a great way to improve communication, reduce costs and improve productivity. Video conferencing gives SMEs an improved way of communicating with suppliers, customers, and clients in an open and honest way, with face-to-face conversations helping to build trust and loyalty in these business relationships.

There are a number of different video conferencing solutions available to SMEs, including hardware and software options. Many businesses may have tried to use video conferencing software which is available online and found the process to be difficult and unrewarding due to the poor quality video and audio making the experience unpalatable, suffering from connection issues which can make the process time consuming.

Enterprise grade video conferencing solutions from Videonations do away with the trials of software-based video conferencing, offering full room-based video conferencing which allows for effective video conversations. Where some online software is designed for friendly chats on a one-to-one basis, enterprise or business-grade video conferencing solutions for SMEs allow for larger groups to partake: a more appropriate way for businesses to communicate.

Where software solutions provide slower frame rates and often suffer from lagging or lost connections, hardware-based solutions use a dedicated line and equipment to guarantee a better video conference for all attendees.

Video conferencing hardware can be installed in your conference room, which takes the strain away from video conversations and allows your video conference to be as easy as simply making a phone call. There’s no need to fiddle around with laptops, microphones or webcams as these are professionally installed as part of the room’s facilities. This user-friendly setup allows for much easier video conferencing, so you can make weekly meetings with regional offices a regular part of your working week. There’s no fuss or hassle, simply press a button and you can be connected with the people who matter to your business without having to try and find a good connection or trying to squeeze everyone into the frame.

Videonations’ video conferencing solutions deliver high definition video and sound quality, allowing you to capture and see the nuances of everyone’s reactions and expressions, allowing for a more transparent communication process and better business relationships.

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