3 Reasons Why Cloud Video Conferencing is the Solution to Workplace Absenteeism

Workplace Absenteeism Affects All Businesses

Approximately 130 million days are lost due to workplace absenteeism from sickness and poor health every year in the United Kingdom, costing the national economy £100 billion a year. At this time of year as conditions become colder and people start working themselves into start of year slumps, the number of sickness days often reaches its peak. This causes a negative impact on business performance, costing them money, productivity and reputation as without the full input of their staff, businesses face slumps of their own. Videonations have a solution and it’s something that benefits both the staff and the business itself. Here are 3 reasons why cloud video conferencing is the most effective way for business owners to combat the problem of sickness absenteeism.

1. Video Conferencing Prevents Sickness Spreading

Once one person in the office becomes sick, it can spread like wildfire and before we know it a quarter of the office calls in sick. From a common cold to flu, once those runny noses and coughs start making an appearance the empty office seats become more and more conspicuous. Video conferencing is an effective way of preventing this as it allows the contagious person to work from home. Offering employees the flexibility to work from home means business owners can reduce the number of sickness days and keep the momentum going. With video conferencing, employees won’t miss out on important meetings and can remain connected with each other at their leisure, keeping them up to speed and allowing business to continue as usual.

 2. Cloud Video Conferencing Saves Money

The cost of absent workers and the loss of work days is more detrimental to the business than the seemingly expensive cost of video conference installations. Regardless of their type or size, cloud video conferencing provides businesses with considerable savings in company spending on equipment, software and infrastructure, as well as the cost of losing work days. For small businesses, they assume that their limited budgets mean that they’re unable to take advantage of video conferencing, but cloud conferencing gives them access to the full host of benefits at a more cost-effective price.

3. Video Conferencing Benefits Employees

If business owners give their staff members the flexibility and luxury to be able to work remotely, it removes pressure from employees and allows them to work comfortably from home. It’s an effective way of keeping the workforce connected, making it easy for employees to stay in the loop and maintain communication regardless of location. Cloud video conferencing eliminates travel costs, gets rid of anxieties about how quickly employees will be back to full health and allows them to work at their own pace without spreading the virus.

Committed to ensuring that your business’s performance isn’t negatively impacted by unavoidable sickness and workplace absenteeism, we provide cloud video conferencing solutions which will make sure your employees have all the facilities they need to be able to continue their work whilst on the road to recovery. We can offer you the very best products on the market developed by leading-edge brands including; Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, StarLeaf, and Avaya. Contact us to benefit from the ingenuity of modern cloud video conferencing.