Immersive Telepresence Conferencing

Gather round to witness immersive telepresence technology

Immersive telepresence is the culmination of major technological advancements in the fast-moving world of video communication. As the zenith of telepresence solutions, a growing number of dynamic organisations are switching to immersive technology and reaping the rewards.

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Seeing is believing in immersive telepresence

Videonations are at the forefront of immersive telepresence solutions that deliver true-to-life experiences. As a leading supplier and installer of immersive systems, we offer state-of-the-art technology where each participant is viewed in life-size dimensions, giving the impression that all attendees are in the same room. We make it possible for board members to literally be in two places at once and pride ourselves on our ability to connect colleagues and partners in different offices throughout the world.

Reduce your carbon footprint with immersive technology

Meeting RoomIdeal for head office applications, the new generation of video communication systems has become an increasingly available method of interaction by enabling directors and board members to participate in global boardroom meetings. In reducing the need for travel, and the time and cost involved in doing so, as well as the carbon footprint caused from needlessly clocking up air/car miles, this leading-edge solution increases productivity and saves both time and money.   We can also significantly improve your business’ green credentials.

The Videonations approach to immersive solutions

Our ethos is to provide a fully comprehensive service to our customers. From immersive systems design, installation, maintenance and end-user training, our fully consultative approach will guide you through the entire process. Furthermore, we realise that every organisation has its own specific needs and we will find the best fit and best value solution tailored towards your requirements.

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