Room Booking Systems

More than just a supplier of audio visual and video conferencing technology, Videonations provide and install innovative solutions that are engineered to make our working lives easier – right down to booking a meeting room.

These room booking systems remove the hassle from managing your meeting rooms. Integrating with Microsoft Exchange, Office365, and Google Calendar, they deliver a convenient stand-alone room booking solution for any size facility. These ingenious products clearly display the meeting room status from outside the door where everyone can see it.

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Design driven innovation at its best

Room Booking SystemsBesides preventing the disruption and embarrassment caused from walking into a room when a meeting is in progress, room booking systems boast a wide range of highly useful additional features. Users can reserve rooms from any device connected to Microsoft Exchange, Office365, and Google Calendar, including their mobile devices, or from the touch panel itself. Multiple mounting options are available, including on-wall, in-wall as well as secure mounting to almost any flat surface, including glass or granite. They allow anyone to see at-a-glance if a room is available or in use, view details about the current meeting, and look up the room’s entire schedule.

The Videonations approach to room booking

At Videonations we help our customers to boost productivity though design-driven invention. We believe that meetings should be well planned, yet relaxed and this innovation in room booking technology allows the user to do just that. As suppliers and installers of leading-edge solutions such as Crestron, Extron and Steelcase, we have everything you require to ensure that your business has the technological advantage needed to improve efficiency.  Room booking systems provide secure, reliable and easy to manage decision-making support that really does cut costs.

Not only can you reserve a meeting room or conference room, you can also reserve a meeting table in collaborative spaces within an open plan office.

Just some of the features include;

  • Custom branding
  • Status lights – red or green lights show availability
  • Start button – automatically releases a room if occupants do not show up
  • Analytics console – record room occupancy and reservation patterns, generate reports to provide insight into space utilisation
  • Make meeting rooms available as soon as a scheduled meeting ends

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