Sedao Equipment Supplier

We partner with Sedao to deliver high quality signage solutions where even non-technically minded individuals can create and post compelling content and messages with little or no training required.

Sedao are one of the UK’s most established digital signage providers and their solutions are found across every sector.

Find out today how the Sedao Digital Signage range can be managed locally or from a central location, and how it can fit your business needs.

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Digital signage for several sectors

Sedao’s systems help you to communicate more quickly, more easily, and more effectively to your audiences, allowing you to show engaging, dynamic graphics that entertain and inform your audience.

Suitable for sectors such as;

  • Corporate – digital internal communications and welcome systems
  • Education – digital noticeboards and school TV channels
  • Healthcare – digital patient waiting area and patient call systems
  • Hospitality & Leisure – digital signposting and information boards
  • Retail – digital Point of Sale posters and networked systems.

Case Studies

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