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LED display screen technology is a powerful communication tool, suitable for a range of applications: from increasing fan engagement at stadiums and live music events to promoting collaboration in classrooms and community workspaces.
Responsible for some of the world’s most recognisable LED displays, digiLED’s unrivalled expertise and experience in the giant screen industry culminates in the production of the most innovative products of the highest quality.

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The Pixel Depot

digiLED’s UK office, The Pixel Depot, is home to Europe’s largest LED showroom. It features several products offering a variety of pixel pitches and LED displays suitable for indoor and outdoor use, to create the most comprehensive selection of screen solutions for every application.

This means that for whatever your needs may be, digiLED has the digital screen solution for your business and it the size you need. Contact our sales team today to discuss your requirements and the full digiLED range.

digiLED display screens for all market sectors

digiLED Screen
digiLED’s systems offer effective communications with stunning clarity of image and wide viewing angles allowing you to present dynamic content to inform and entertain your audience.

Covering some of the tightest pixel pitches ever produced up to lower resolution screens used for longer-distance viewing, our LED products are tailored to suit your individual requirements to ensure you have the ideal solution for your application, whether it is a fixed installation or an addition to your rental portfolio.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated Asian technical team are responsible for the planning and monitoring of component production to deliver original LED systems of supreme quality.

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