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The Cohuba 4K UHD collaborative device available now from Videonations, is transforming education, healthcare and business spaces across the globe. Not just an interactive display, Cohuba is built to unleash new learning and working experiences through the power of collaborative technology.

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The hub of collaboration

Cohuba is a 65″ and 75″ 4K UHD collaboration device with a x10-touch interactive LED backlit display and arrange of AV input/outputs. Cohuba is the hub to engage your class or meeting. Simply share and interact with content from any device in the room or cloud, then annotate and capture collaborative outcomes in real time. Cohuba is an affordable high-quality solutions for in-room and room-to-room, multi-device, multi-user collaboration.

With a rich array of inputs and outputs, Cohuba is ready-to-go and compatible with existing technology including Windows, Chromebook, Mac, iOS and Android. The x10 USB HID touch screen allows the user to utilise the device much like a calibration free interactive whiteboard. An on-board Android interface also means that Cohuba can be used as a stand-alone device.

Cohuba comes preinstalled with a variety of apps to fuel collaboration. With mirroring, whiteboard, web-browser, media-player, annotations, notes and screen-sharing; participants can interact with and capture outcomes as downloadable and shareable PDF files. As experts in Team IQ, Cohuba is committed to breaking any barriers that restrict productivity and knowledge sharing.

A 4K UHD anti-glare display, forward and backward compatible audio-visual inputs and outputs, simultaneous connectivity, USB 3.0, UHD Media, Ethernet, OPS, RS232 and 10-point touch display ensures that no classroom or workspace is left behind.


Think different, look different with Cohuba

Once connected, there are no costs. Cohuba updates itself ‘over-the-air’ so there are no subscription fees, or expensive parts to replace.

A 5-year onsite manufacturer’s warranty is offered on the Cohuba system. Contact us today for further information and to book a free demonstration.




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Cohuba Interactive Display

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