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Avocor F series interactive display systems

Avocor interactive display solutions are designed to enhance every meeting and learning environment. Built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the flagship range F Series helps to improve communication and enhance collaboration in a multitude of ways.

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Avocor brings innovation to your fingertips

The familiar Windows 10 interface within Avocor, provides direct access from the display to the world of Microsoft applications including PowerPoint, OneNote and Office 365 as well as the Windows Store and also enables content to be shared easily across a variety of devices.

Shipping in a variety of sizes, ranging from 65” to 84”, the F series is platform agnostic and completely flexible and, importantly, can integrate seamlessly with a whole host of UC and collaboration tools, meaning you can create the ideal collaborative environment.

By simply adding a web camera, multi-location collaboration is easy with cloud based applications such as Skype for Business or Google Hangout.

Avocor Eclipse, an interactive teaching tool is included with every display and delivers over 50 subject specific tools for a variety of educational topics. Also included is Avocor Note by Nureva, a simple whiteboard application that enables users to create beautiful and professional looking content quickly and simply.

The Connect and Control Bar feature on the front of the display which hosts control keys, USB inputs, guest connectivity and a front facing Infrared sensor. The durable, sleek, professional design offers a 17mm Bezel that has an ultra-low profile of 2mm that is not affected by dirt and dust and therefore significantly reduces display downtime.

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Introducing Nureva Span software

The Nureva Span software enables teams to capture their thoughts and ideas, share them on an expansive canvas/wall or Avocor F series displays, and actively collaborate with colleagues, discuss concepts, ideas and create real inspirations. Nureva Span brings immersive true collaboration into the workplace which enables creativity and critical thinking to reach goals through productive and engaged work. The brainstorming solution can be used by all members of a team either in the place of work or remotely and create, share and edit digital content effortlessly.

Accelerate your collaborative processes

Nureva Span software creates the conditions for effective collaboration, which leads to bigger ideas, accelerated processes and breakthrough results. That’s why this technology solution is incredibly easy for people to use, adaptable to existing processes and designed to enable the physical and virtual spaces where they come together.

You can connect people together by adding 3rd party collaboration tools or video conferencing devices to create an immersive meeting experience combining audio, video and data. Nureva Span cloud-based software on Avocor displays or walls creates a rich ideation space which engages and empowers teams through interactive project based business tools and allows everyone to work together in real time.

Swap your sticky-note wall, flip charts and paper sketches for the digital solution designed to provide speed and flexibility to your work. With Span software you can annotate with ease, and as everything happens in the cloud in real-time, you don’t need to save your content. You can close the canvas and go back to it when it suits and pick up where it was left.

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